India marks July 1 as National Doctor’s Day to mark the immense contribution of our nation’s medical professionals. It is also celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Bidhan Chandra Roy, a physician who served as West Bengal Chief Minister for 14 years. Doctors are always valued in our society, but the ongoing pandemic has reminded us that they are one of the most important national assets of India. Dr Roy died on the same day as his birth, which is July 1. Dr Ratna was awarded the Bharat Ratna for his services to the nation. 

To mark National Doctors’ Day, we made a list of 10 doctors who not only provide verified, credible information, but also do so in a simple, fun manner so that medical knowledge can be gained by one and all. 

  1. Dr. Tanaya Narendra:

Most people in India’s conservative society do not receive or even discuss basic sexual education or sex education. By using small, easy to understand, and highly informative posts, Tanaya, or as she is known on social media, Dr Cuterus, believes in busting myths about sexuality and genitalia. 

  1. Dr. Sanket Bhosale:

Doctors do have a humorous side! Dr Sanket is known for his comical personality. By profession he is a comedian and by education a doctor. Sanket is a perfect example of a content creator who creates content they enjoy. It’s inspiring to hear about his journey. 

  1. Dr Siddhant Bhargava

Dr Bhargava shows us how to live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Creative and genuine, his content stands out from the crowd. Additionally, he conducts dancing classes! People relate to him, and his videos keep people hooked!

  1. Dr. Rashmi Shetty: Rashmi Shetty is India’s leading celebrity dermatologist with insightful content. Her videos, lives, and posts offer a wealth of information about skin care. Also, her content usually oozes with engagement, so we pay attention to it.
  1. Dr. Richa Negi: Besides being a doctor, she is also an avid dancer whose content is excellent. There is a video of her dancing to the song ‘Garmi’ that went viral. I find it hard to believe how efficiently she manages her professional and personal skills. 
  1. Dr. Ishinna Sadana: Parenting advice from Dr Ishinna has been helping countless parents. Multiple parent bloggers have been actively speaking with her about the problems parents face and how to deal with them. It is amazing how much information she provides on her blog and in her advice. In recent times, Dr Ishinna’s posts have been particularly relevant.
  1. Dr. Ashwin Vijay: A physician who specializes in sports medicine & health, as well as a keynote speaker, who is passionate about fitness.
  1. Dr. Animesh: A renowned Surgical specialist in general and plastic surgery, he now advises people on the best medications to take to boost their immunity. 
  1. Dr Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju “ ind0ctrination”

The first trans-woman surgeon in Karnataka, Dr Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju’s journey demonstrates self-worth, empathy, and awareness. In her entertaining way, she combats all kinds of misinformation about vaccines and Covid-19.

  1. Dr Riddhima Shetty: As a gynecologist, she offers covid patients at home simple tips to stay safe during the lockdown as well as how to take care of themselves during the lockdown.  

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