The ongoing pandemic in India has brought about a fierce debate between medical practitioners and Ayurveda billionaire Baba Ramdev#ShameonIMAPresidentJayalal is trending on Twitter due to IMA President Dr J.A.Jayalal’s statement where he casually thanked Jesus for the decreasing COVID-19 cases and questioned the government‘s unscientific approach of fighting with COVID.

With this hashtag, right-wing accounts and Ramdev-supporting accounts are trying to shift the narrative by labelling IMA as an ‘anti-Hindu’ face and are continuously comparing it with Ramdev’s Ayurveda theory.

Things started with Baba Ramdev’s open letter which he sent to the Indian Medical Association(IMA) asking 25 questions seeking the cure of COVID-19 and other illnesses. The letter seemed to question the credibility of IMA as well as allopathy.

The situation heated up yesterday on Aaj Tak prime time debate show. IMA’s General Secretary came to the show and lashed out at Baba Ramdev promoting Patanjali’s Coronil on a live show and delegitimising allopathy and its credibility by blaming allopathy for COVID deaths.

After the show, Twitter didn’t stop praising Dr.Lele and it is still trending since the debate has gone viral but to counter it, a whole new narrative has begun circulating to malign the IMA.

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