New Delhi: After battling COVID-19 for around 10 days, a woman, who came to be known as the ‘Love You Zindagi’ girl on Twitter after a video of her swaying to the Bollywood hit while getting oxygen at a hospital went viral, has succumbed to the infection.

The doctor treating her, on Friday, said the woman’s family does not want her identity to be revealed.

On May 8, Dr Monika Langeh, a doctor at a hospital in Delhi, tweeted a video where the 30-year-old woman, while on non-invasive ventilation (NIV), was listening and swaying to the Bollywood song – Love You Zindagi which featured Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt.

“It was a stressful situation when she was admitted. There were no beds available at that time. We admitted her in the COVID emergency ward and were managing her.

“She was given the best treatment possible. Remdesivir and plasma therapy was also given to her. But her condition deteriorated and she did not respond well to the treatment,” Langeh said.

She was on the ventilator for the last three days and passed away on Thursday night, Langeh said.

What struck Langeh about the woman was her fighting spirit and her zest for life.

“While I was on rounds in the COVID emergency ward, she was playing songs but with a great deal of trepidation. I asked her about her taste in music.”

“Swaying to the music she was listening, she said she liked Punjabi as well as romantic songs. I gave her the hotspot from my phone and she started listening to the ‘Love you Zindagi’ song and it was then that I made the video,” Langeh said.

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Langeh said she has seen many coronavirus patients, but this woman was different.

“As soon as patients get to know that they have contracted the virus, they develop anxiety and we have to counsel them a lot. But she was different. She had a strong will power,” the doctor recalled.

Langeh then helped the woman download a music app from which she would regularly listen to songs. The woman was later moved to the ICU.

“While she was in the ICU, her family members — right from the elderly to the young ones — would send audio messages encouraging her and saying things like — we are waiting for you and come back soon’. They also told her that they would go out for an outing after she comes back.

“Her family members were mentally strong and despite knowing that she was in a critical condition and might not make it, they never once made her feel bad,” she said.

The woman is survived by her husband and five year old child.

“Her husband was crying yesterday and saying what would he tell his child and how will he face him when the child asks me about his mother? I am shattered. I had developed a bond with her. I have seen patients much more critical than her recovering but it is sad that she couldn’t survive,” the doctor said.

The woman’s husband had also contracted the infection but recovered in home isolation.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who has been extending help to people during the COVID-19 pandemic, also mourned her demise.

“So so sad, never ever she would have imagined that she won’t be able to see her family again. Life is so unfair. So many lives which deserved to live are lost. No matter how normal our life becomes but we will never be able to come out of this phase,” he said in a tweet.

Many other celebrities like Suniel Shetty, Gurmeet Choudhary and Anup Soni also reacted to Langeh’s post announcing the young woman’s passing away.

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