With COVID-19 cases rising in several states again, people have been scared and upset for the last few weeks. But recently a video has gone viral featuring two medical students dancing to the Boney M classic, ‘Rasputin’.

The two dancers, dressed in scrubs, have been identified as MBBS students from Thrissur Medical College, Kerala, Janaki M Omkumar, a 3rd-year student from Thiruvananthapuram, and Naveen K Razak, a 4th-year student from Wayanad.

According to reports, the students recorded the video after they came across dancer and choreographer Vanesa Seco’s Instagram video where she danced to the same song.

The clip was originally posted on Naveen’s Instagram and was shared by Janaki on her YouTube page as well.

After the video went viral, Naveen posted an illustrated image featuring the duo where he has thanked people for liking and sharing the video.

Both of them being trained dancers, the duo is part of their college dance team as well.

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