Videos of wild cats on social media is a recipe for viral content and the recent clip shared by Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani is leaving netizens intrigued.

The 54-second clip featured a black panther and a leopard on the verge of an encounter. The panther can be seen eyeing the leopard that is perched on a tree. Seconds later the black cat charges towards the leopard and starts an intense face-off with the leopard.

“Saw today, 6th March, in Kabini wild life sanctuary — another epic encounter between the Black Panther and his adversary Scarface! Video credit: Vijay Prabhu,” tweeted Nilekani.

Check the video here

Since then, the video has over 99K views and has prompted varied reactions among netizens. Although, many were curious as to what happened after the face-off between the two wild cats.

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