Nagaland: Avoid divisive discourse on Abel Asumi controversy, says Chakesang body

Two days after musician Abel Asumi lodged an FIR against the Chozuba Town Youth Association (CTYA), alleging harassment, the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO), headquartered in Phek, issued a notice requesting members of the Chakhesang community in Nagaland to refrain from participating in social media discussions regarding the incident.

Asumi, a celebrated musician from Dimapur who recently received the TAFMA Excellence Award from the Nagaland Governor, took to social media to share a post and video detailing the incident, which has since ignited a lot of attention in the region.

Asumi’s FIR alleged that the incident occurred when he was returning from the award ceremony around 8:20 p.m. Asumi claimed his vehicle was halted by a group of individuals under the influence of alcohol. According to his account, the group identified themselves as members of the ‘Youth Force’ associated with CTYA, a civil society organisation.

They insisted on searching for illegal substances without any official permits or uniformed personnel present. When Asumi questioned the legitimacy of their actions, the situation escalated into physical harassment as seen in the video. Even when Asumi began recording a video of the incident, the aggressors did not stop.

On September 6, following Asumi’s filing of an FIR against the Chozuba Town Youth Association, demanding legal action against those responsible, CYTA countered by submitting an FIR against Asumi, alleging damage to its reputation.

CPO’s General Secretary, Chepetso Koza urged the community to avoid engaging in “divisive online discourse” concerning the alleged harassment reported by Abel Asumi.

CPO’s public appeal emphasises how discussions surrounding the incident on social media platforms have taken an unfortunate turn, resulting in the spread of misinformation and “hurtful exchanges”. In their plea to the public, the organisation called for refraining from posting negative comments regarding the incident and announced that they are actively addressing the matter in collaboration with the Chozuba Range Public Organisation (CRPO).

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