G20: Nagas urge delegates to help resolve Indo-Naga peace talks
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Imphal: The Naga Students’ Union Delhi (NSUD), while extending greetings to the world leaders attending the G20 Summit in New Delhi, sought their intervention in facilitating a peaceful and just resolution to the Indo-Naga political talks.

NSUD, an apex Naga student body in the national capital, stated they were compelled to reiterate the Nagas’ quest for an honourable and acceptable solution to the protracted Indo-Naga political conflict.

Appealing to the international community for its intervention to resolve the long-pending Indo-Naga political issue which has profound implications for peace and stability in the Southeast Asian region, the Naga student body maintained that the Indo-Naga conflict is over seven decades old, rooted in historical grievances, and identity, which dates back to India’s pre-independence, and has resulted in significant human suffering, displacement, and loss of life.

“The Naga people have long sought recognition for their unique cultural and political identity. And despite numerous rounds of negotiations for decades, a final agreement has remained elusive,” the NSUD stated.

According to the Naga student body, this impasse is not only a matter of concern for the parties involved but also has broader regional and global ramifications.

It further stated that the continuation of this conflict threatens the peace and stability of the Southeast Asian region and undermines the principles of self-determination and conflict resolution that the international community holds dear.

The Union further urged the international community to take a proactive role in facilitating a peaceful and just resolution to the Indo-Naga political talks through mediation and facilitation between the two parties, building international pressure on the Indian government in the G20 Summit meetings to address the Naga political conflict, monitoring and ensuring accountability through a mechanism of international oversight on the progress of the negotiations.

“The international community possesses valuable experience and expertise in conflict resolution and mediation and therefore, its involvement can provide fresh perspectives and methods to break the deadlock in negotiations by encouraging both parties to commit to upholding international norms, including respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, in any future agreement,” it stated.

The Union is convinced that this can pave the way for a brighter and more peaceful future for all parties involved by facilitating a just and lasting solution which will not only bring lasting peace in the Naga region but will also contribute to stability and prosperity in Northeast India as a whole, they said.

Further, the Naga student body urged for international actors as impartial mediators for the facilitation of constructive dialogue between the Government of India and Naga representatives.

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