Soln or not, Ntangki will be preserved as Naga national property: NSCN
NSCN leader Thuingaleng Muivah

Kohima: A week after the Senior Citizens’ Association of Nagaland (SCAN) alleged the “siege” of Intangki (also spelt as Ntangki) National Park at Peren by the Isak-Muivah-led Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM), the group said that whether there is a solution or not, the reserved forest will remain protected and will be preserved as a Naga national property. 

The NSCN-IM said it was unfortunate that the Senior Citizen Association of Nagaland (SCAN) has targeted the group unfairly with misleading statements that it has occupied Ntangki National Park and put it under its full control. 

The group said that Ntangki National Park originally belonged to Old Bisumpui village and has well-defined boundaries. The critical need to protect the Ntangki forest and wildlife was taken up during the NSCN National Assembly, Gilgal Camp in 1996 and it was resolved to protect and preserve Ntangki forest as a wildlife reserved forest, said NSCN-IM.

Accordingly, no new villages were allowed to exist inside the Ntangki National Park and during the Indo-Naga political talks, the Park was never a topic of discussion, saying that it has nothing to do with the Naga political settlement. 

“Whether there is a solution or not, it will remain protected and shall be preserved as Naga national property,” the group said. 

NSCN-IM said that SCAN should have chosen the path that would reflect their wisdom and temperament on the issue rather than cry foul against them bereft of valid justification. On the contrary, it said that had it not been for the counter-measures taken by it, the Ntangki National Park would have been another story today.  

It pointed out that Hebron is outside the boundaries of Ntangki National Park, and it originally belongs to Old Jalukie village. The Jalukiekam village was established with the permission of Old Jalukie village and has been a recognized village with specific boundaries. 

The Hebron Camp is very much within the Jalukiekam village jurisdiction and outside the boundary of Ntangki National Park and not as recklessly claimed by SCAN, it said. 

The Jalukiekam village authorities permitted NSCN-IM to establish its Council Headquarters (CHQ) at Hebron Camp on the condition that the land will be returned to the owner of Jalukiekam village in the event of NSCN-IM leaving the place. 

NSCN-IM as a responsible organization, it said, will never overstep its role to stoop low to be a source of nuisance to the forest department, adding that the forest department had to ask permission from the NSCN to enter the forest should never arise. 

“Such a fabricated statement from the mouth of SCAN is something highly uncalled for. It is disheartening to see that SCAN raised a great hue and cry against something that does not exist at all, desperately attempting to generate a storm in a teacup,” it said.

The irony, NSCN-IM mentioned, is that SCAN only goes to heap disgrace upon the very group wearing the crown of senior citizens association that comprises Nagas that are attached to the highest echelon of Indian/Nagaland civil service. 

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