Nagaland: Street fitness enthusiasts from across state compete in Kohima
Participants of the Nagaland Street Fitness Competition taking part in arm wrestling

Kohima: Hundreds of fitness enthusiasts from across the state on Saturday, gathered at Suokhriezie Park at BOC in Kohima, to participate in the seventh edition of the Nagaland Street Fitness Competition. 

Speaking to reporters, one of the organisers, Yanpvuo Kikon said the annual event is getting bigger each year and this time, it has witnessed more participation compared to previous years. 

“It is all about the fitness community coming and promoting each other. This is a get-together of fitness enthusiasts from across the state who are here with the hope of inspiring and motivating others to live a healthy life,” Kikon said. 

As it is a street fitness event, Kikon said that the competitions were not categorised by age or weight.

In an interaction with journalists, 28-year-old Imliyanger Aier, who took part in pushups and free squats said, “I started my fitness journey way back in 2016 when I was in my final year. Since then, I have never looked back.”

The young fitness enthusiast also shared that following his fitness dreams, he established a gym in his village this year.

Encouraging the youth to take up fitness activities, he said “After starting my fitness routine, I have realised that working out has given me peace of mind. I believe that working out gives you not just good physical health, but also mental well-being too.”
Among the female participants was 51-year-old fitness enthusiast, Merenla, who won the push-ups (women) after completing 43 push-ups in 60 seconds.

“Fitness is important. I have been a fitness enthusiast since my childhood because my father was a bodybuilder. My siblings and I were brought up in a fitness environment and spent most of our time in the gym,” the mother of two said.

Famed body-builder Keneilelie Sorünuo, popularly known as Kenei Sorü, hopes the event will set a trend and promote fitness among the youth.

“Today we see many youths displaying their fitness and motivating other youth. Fitness is really important. Especially after the pandemic, it has become a necessity for everyone,” he added.

Organised by Nagaland Street Fitness, a committee formed by a group of fitness enthusiasts, the event at the state capital saw hundreds competing in arm-wrestling, free squats, tug-of-war, and push-ups. 

In the women’s squats category, Peiheitele emerged as the champion, while Julia Khing secured the runner-up position. For men’s squats, Imliyanger Aier won the category and Atsi Viyie came second. 

For the push-ups (women), Merenla emerged as the champion while Peteheile secured the second position. In the men’s category, Atsi with 93 push-ups emerged as the winner followed by Medovizo Belho (91). 

In the men’s arm wrestling category (left hand), Vethozo Lohe won while Kuvumerü was adjusted second. In the right-hand category, Vethozo Lohe emerged as the champion followed by Huluyi. 

In the women’s arm wrestling category, Razucilu Lohe emerged as the winner and Loreni Tsanglao secured the second position. 

In the best physique category, Talimoa from Star Gym won the title, followed by Solomon from Wolves Gym. 

In the tug-of-war (strongest gym competition among seven gyms), Battleground Unisex Gym emerged as the champion while Star Gym secured the second position. 

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