Ex-Miss Nagaland Vikuonuo Sachü starts 'Miraculum', an NGO

Kohima: ‘Miraculum’, a charitable non-governmental Organization (NGO) founded by former Miss Nagaland Vikuonuo Sachü, was inaugurated on Friday in Kohima by National People’s Party (NPP) Nagaland President Dr Andrew Ahoto Sema. 

Miraculum, a Latin word meaning miracle, wonder and marvel, is the pillar of the Miraculum Society, which was started in 2019 to promote and spread education as well as to help and work for the well-being of less privileged people. 

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Sema praised the young philanthropist for making efforts to help young minds. 

He said that it takes courage and patience to bring reformation in a society, and encouraged the youth to go beyond and test their capabilities.   

The politician also stressed the need to shape the minds of children at the initial stage in order to mould them to become productive members of the society.  

“The main purpose of this organisation is to provide opportunities for study and research and to make the findings available to anyone by arranging educational seminars and meetings,” Sachü said. 

She said that through the NGO, assistance will be offered to schemes undertaken by the states or central government, by public or Central Government and agencies.

Addressing the gathering, Advisor to the Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) Theja Meru, urged youth to move forward and explore their creativity. 

Meanwhile, the NGO also aim to actively engage in educational institution, spiritual development and promote cultural understandings among people and to offer assistance and support to such trusts or societies.

It is an outlet where people can contribute and help a group or certain societies who are in dire need of help. To be a miracle for somebody, it is a philanthropic dream turned into a reality by Vikuonuo and her team.

They will soon be launching the project, the Creativity Centre for Children (CCC) in Noklak District to provide access to learning materials to the people in the border areas. The CCC project will be implemented in partnership with TaFMA. 

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