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Kohima: Displeased over the “biased” stand of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) over the superannuation age of medical doctors in Nagaland, the Angami Students’ Union (ASU) said that it would not cooperate with the present NSF team till its faith in the federation is restored.

ASU president Bisevi Nakhro and general secretary Mhalevilie Medoze said that the medical doctors’ age superannuation is unique as compared to other service sectors. With the Prime Minister’s declaration on May 26, 2016, to enhance the age superannuation of medical doctors, followed by the cabinet approval on September 27, 2017, and the amendment of the Fundamental Rules (Second Amendment) on August 11, 2018, the rest of the states had implemented the age superannuation for medical doctors, said ASU.

In this regard, ASU had categorically asserted to the NSF during the 2nd NSF Federal Assembly to examine and consider the requirement of more medical doctors to facilitate a requisite number of doctors and to help early commencement of medical colleges in Nagaland, it said.

Following the recent meeting, the NSF informed that the house had resolved to maintain the status quo till a comprehensive review of the existing superannuation policy governing the state government employees is carried out.

Recalling the meeting, the ASU said that despite its earnest appeal, the NSF had “blatantly taken a biased decision by remaining silent on Naga doctors of other Naga homeland states who are already availing the age superannuation but opposing the same extension for the state of Nagaland”.

In this regard, it said, “We see no logic as to why the NSF has been quiescent when the other Naga homeland states under the umbrella of NSF implemented the said age superannuation and availing the same.”

It said that the partial stand of the NSF has directly jeopardised the Naga doctors of Nagaland, to which the ASU cannot remain an observer but has to ensure the establishment of an impartial stand for the doctors of Nagaland.

Expressing dismay, it said that the present NSF team has lost sight to deliver justice to the Nagas for which the student body cannot afford to fare together under such “shallow leadership”.

ASU also directed the Angami leaders participating and involved in NSF or its subordinate bodies to withdraw their support until further notice, and thereof, the ASU will be constrained to be vigilant on their functioning.

It also said that it would not tolerate the state government’s attention on the issue if it is dictated by any party that advocates an unfair proposition. It also asked the state government to resolve the issue on April 17, a day before the Nagaland In-Service Doctors’ Association (NIDA) called for a three-day mass casual leave.

Failure to address the matter positively and in the effect of medical doctors’ mass casual leave, ASU said that it will not remain silent if any patient is victimised because of the non-availability of doctors in the government hospitals during the mass casual leave period. It said that the government and the opposing parties would be held solely responsible for such casualties.

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