80-year-old Mhalo Kikon at the Guwahati airport

Guwahati: In a shocking case of misbehaviour with senior citizens, Mhalo Kikon, an 80-year-old wheelchair-bound grandmother from Nagaland, was forced to strip by security officials at the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati in the name of “security check” on Thursday.

Speaking with EastMojo, Mhalo Kikon expressed shock and immense hurt at the incident, during which the octogenarian was made to take off all her clothes, including her undergarments and diaper.

Mhalo said that she has had a titanium plate implanted in her hip for over 15 years now, but was never embarrassed like this before.

“I am used to the machine beeping at the airport since I have a metal plate. When the security person asked me about it, I showed her the stitch marks. But she refused to listen to me and insisted that I strip naked. I was made to take off my undergarments and diaper,” a distraught Kikon told EastMojo.

Mhalo Kikon

“Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for someone who is a disabled senior citizen to be treated like this?” she questioned.

The victim is the mother of Dolly Kikon, an acclaimed anthropologist from Nagaland.

Earlier, Dolly tweeted about the treatment meted out to her mother, expressing her helplessness as she tagged the CISF HQ, the Assam chief minister, Guwahati airport and others.

“My 80-year-old disabled mom was made to strip at the CISFsecurity check at Guwahati airport. The security personnel wanted “proof” of her titanium hip implant and forced her to undress. @himantabiswa@guwahatiplus@GuwahatiAirport Is that how we treat seniors,” Dolly Kikon tweeted.

To make matters worse, the security also harassed Mhalo Kikon’s grandchild, who was there to support her.

“Someone please help! The CISF security personnel team at @GuwahatiAirport are harrassing my neice who is taking care of my mother. They have taken away the complaint form she has written.They DID not allow her to take a screenshot saying it’snot “allowed”. My mom is distressed,” tweeted Dolly Kikon.

According to Mhalo, the security personnel refused to listen to her pleas even as she broke down. “When I expressed my displeasure, the security person simply dismissed my protest. I am not angry at her, but I hope she never treats another person like this ever again. I am safe now, but I am shaken by this behaviour,” the octogenarian said.

Following Mhalo Kikon’s complaint, a senior security official at the airport told EastMojo that the authorities had met Mhalo Kikon and her grandchild.

“We have apologised to them for this behaviour and have assured her that we will fully investigate this matter. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused to the senior citizen,” the official said.

Soon after, the Guwahati International Airport also issued an apology:

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