Kohima: Adviser to the chief minister of Nagaland, Abu Metha, presses for an urgent need to implement reforms in the State Government machinery to improve the capacity and calibre of the government employees at all levels. 

In a letter addressed to the CM, Metha urged the need to bring about a change in the state’s civil and police services to motivate better performances and also improve the overall output of the government machinery. 

He suggested enhancing the capacity and calibre of the government machinery, various initiatives through training programs and collaborative linkages with world-class institutions and centres of excellence.

“More opportunities for the State’s services and the possibility of ensuring that they can reach the highest levels of government will make the crucial difference in motivation and output,” he said. And to do so, he said that there must also be a new, modern and practical system of appraisal, evaluation and performance assessment.

A system of meritocracy would improve the delivery mechanisms and also ensure that the government’s policies and programs are reached to the targeted beneficiaries. 

“Unless we carry out reforms and undertake measures aimed at elevating the government machinery, the negative impact on the government machinery in the coming years will be difficult to overcome,” he said.

Through mass media platforms, Metha had earlier made suggestions and shared ideas on how to make the government machinery more efficient and introduce reforms in the bureaucracy.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote:

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