Kohima: 29-year-old Avitho-o Loucü from Zhadima village, on Saturday, made his debut as a writer with the release of his non-fiction book The Ugly Duckling Nagas. The book was released by Rev Shan Kikon, senior pastor of the Faith Harvest Church, in Kohima.

During a short launching ceremony, the Entrepreneur and proprietor of Ete Coffee, Lichan Humtsoe, shared a review of the book. The critic revealed that although entrepreneurs are the main characters, the author presents an unbiased story of the employment scenario in Nagaland.

Commenting that the author has “broken the silence,” Humtsoe praised the author for being “mindful of unemployment issues caused by an unhealthy mindset”. He also revealed how the author also highlights the lackadaisical attitude of the youth towards learning. Humtsoe praised the author for using a natural way to express his views.

Yanpvuo Kikon, entrepreneur and consultant, while reviewing The Ugly Duckling Nagas, praised the author for the simple yet straightforward writing. Kikon said the author had rightfully highlighted “competency,” which according to him is an important thing for an entrepreneur.

In this regard, Kikon said there was a need for the Naga youth to be “competent”. According to Kikon, the book has been published at the “right time” as the state of Nagaland is witnessing a paradigm shift – from the dependence on government for employment to understanding entrepreneurship.

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As he exuded confidence that the book will benefit people of all ages, Kikon urged the need for the Naga society to build local enterprises that can potentially reach out to the world. Further acknowledging the role of parents, he said that for entrepreneurs to progress, encouragement from parents is “very important”.

Rev Shan Kikon, while releasing the book lauded the author who is also an upcoming entrepreneur for taking “a path less traveled”. He highlighted how the Naga society in the past frowned over the idea of entrepreneurship.

While government jobs became the desired path for Nagas, he said that such a mindset has crippled the Nagas. As the society is now at a realization, he shared about his prayer to witness a wave of entrepreneurs in Nagaland adding that Nagas must develop new mindsets.

Saying that unlike the bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians, and so on, who perform managerial tasks as per their job profile by serving people, he said that entrepreneurs on the other hand create employment opportunities and also create the economy.

Author Avitho-o Loucü shared that the book was conceptualized about two years ago when Rev Shan Kikon once challenged the youth quoting, “If you are only searching for government jobs, you are putting God in a box. That is also a form of poverty mindset.”

In the book, references are made in the Naga society where the normal ducks are the government employees and the ugly ducks are those few people who refuse to “hunt” for government jobs but rather venture into entrepreneurship.

It summarised that the normal ducks later come to a realization that the few ugly ducks are the ones creating employment opportunities for the unemployed youth.

The author Avitho-o Loucü is an engineering graduate and a former teacher at Baptist High School in Kohima. At present, he runs “Eulogia Constructions”, a construction firm based in Kohima. The short launching ceremony held at Ete Coffee in Kohima was attended by his mother Thepfule-ü Loucü, family, friends, and well-wishers.

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