Naga peace talks
Candlelight vigil held at various places for peaceful solution to the Indo-Naga peace talks Credit: EastMojo Image File 

Kohima: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) on Wednesday questioned the Naga People’s Front (NPF) party on how it plans to resolve the Naga political issue by joining the ruling government to form an opposition-less government.

“It is amply clear that NPF is desperately attempting to cover up its selfish motive behind the Naga political situation,” Congress said. Rather than engaging in “hollow talks”, the party said they must tell the people of Nagaland the plans of the “opposition-less government” in resolving the issue.

The Nagaland Congress said that the NPF party “should be transparent with their proposals of solution to stakeholders rather than bark back at those who show them the mirror of truth”.

Reacting to the NPF party’s recent statement, Congress said, “people of Nagaland praying for unity and corrupt free government is being misconstrued as praying for opposition-less government”.

“After totally surrendering their much acclaimed regional pride at the feet of Hindutva forces, NPF has even started to interpret the prayers of the faithfuls to justify their desperation and indulgence to sail in different boats. We caution NPF along with NDPP and BJP to stop using Naga political issue as dog whistle before the people with a tacit aim to put all other important issues of governance into cold storage and exploit the benefits of power that has plundered the state exchequer empty,” the NPCC said.

The Nagaland Congress goes on to say that for them, an opposition-less government has nothing to do with the Naga political solution. “If the elected members are serious enough, they must pave the way by resigning or the council of ministers should advise and aid the Governor in implementation of a solution which has been put in cold storage,” it said.

Congress also stated that it is “unfortunate” for some civil society organizations (CSOs) to be openly supporting the opposition-less government. “This exposes their limited understanding about functions of democracy where strong opposition plays an equally important role in matters of governance,” it said.

Further, it said that Nagas don’t deserve democracy if “disdain for the opposition party and its leaders continues to envelope the mindset of the majority”. It added that leaders of CSOs must not succumb to the manipulations of those in power when a complete mockery of democracy is being played.

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