Nagaland: Konyak Union, NSCN-IM, NNPGs meet over separate state demand
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Kohima: Claiming numerous plans to “murder the Naga National issue”, the NSCN-IM on Saturday said its “adversaries” are indulging in “cheap anti-NSCN propaganda” and using “non issue to settle their score” against the group.

The group, through its MIP, said, “It is not a new thing to all that those opportunists, collaborators, traitors and other pseudo nationalists used to participate in peoples’ revolutionary movements in sheep’s clothing”.

NSCN-IM said with a flirtatious mindset, such people desert here and there in search of fortune and that people with similar traits of character have penetrated the group. “Naturally, they do not have the supporting materials that are politically correct to liberate a people and build a state,” it said.

It alleged that its adversaries are using the non issue to settle their score against the group adding that such a manner of indulging in cheap anti-NSCN propaganda is open for mockery in the eyes of the people.

“It is pointless on the part of the critics to level false allegations on collection of taxes by the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN). Collection of taxes by a government from its citizen is a legitimate right and it is nothing illegal at all,” it said.
The NSCN-IM said that Government of India representatives engaged in political dialogue with its leaders recognize this right. The group said that it is opposed to extortions and excesses, and if ever committed by the collectors, it is the group’s government that has to deal.

It claimed that the group focuses on issues and have made commendable achievements to some extent on vital issues of both internal and external affairs. “We are not new to the restlessness of critics and adversaries trying to smear NSCN’s image in the eye of the world with destructive scheme of things,” it added.

Further, the NSCN-IM also stated that in principle, it runs its government and conduct affairs of the state based on collective decision-making culture. For any matter of national importance, it said that the Collective Leadership consisting of the Yaruiwo (President), Kedallo (Vice-president) and Ato Kilonser (Prime Minister) always consults with the members of the Collective Leadership, Convener of the Steering Committee and Kilonser (Minister) of the Kilo (Home) Affairs. On security-related matters, the Longvibu (Chief) of the Naga Army is consulted, the group said.

“NSCN put on record to assert that a number of devious plans had been executed by the adversaries to murder the Naga national issue, but the Naga people survived by His grace from all the attempts and God willing we shall survive in the future too,” it added.

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