Kohima: The National Socialist Council of Nagaland – Khaplang (NSCN(R)) on Monday reminded and advised its cadres not to fall “short of Grace” during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown by harassing the business communities, contractors, office departments, patrons and the public.

Through its ministry of information and publicity, it warned that if anyone is found violating the rules, the NSCN (R) will leave no room or space for tolerance for such activities. The rebel group reiterated that it will continue to maintain ‘Zero Tolerance’ for any unnecessary harassments perpetrated upon the public, especially during these hard and trying times. 

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The NSCN (R) also made a ‘Clarion Call’ to all its cadres that instead of expecting or seeking ‘financial assistance/contribution/donation’ and so on from its benefactors, patrons, and sympathisers, it is now the time and opportunity to give back the people and society’.

It said that the members of the group should come forward whenever services are required. 

As the society is in a kind of war where “guns, weapons, valour, brawn and bravado are not required, but where humanity, perseverance, forbearance and love” is required and is, even more, deadlier than the ‘Gun Battles’.

It therefore commended and acknowledged the frontline workers, state government, church organisations and civil society organisations for the efforts made in fighting COVID-19.

It urged all citizens to make collective and joint efforts to thwart any potential threat that this pandemic is causing towards human existence.

“Even if we cannot be an asset to our society, we should at least avoid being a liability to others and hence stick to the SOP protocol as provided by the Government to be Safe, feel Safe and to Keep Safe,” it added.

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