Education is defined as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, the theory and practice of teaching, especially at a school or university. Education has immense implication on a person’s credential in today’s world, and one’s pride solely lies within its peripheral.

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It is without doubt, that the forgone generation might not have the same decency and privileges millennials enjoy. Yet, their zeal to give the best of knowledge to their offspring is far-fetching. Such endorsement itself defines the rising literates and intellects even in a very conservative society.

What also intrigues the process is the passing down knowledge, values and skills to the next generation keeping the culture alive beyond anything to be readily exposed and imitated.

The evolution of a society trades its progress in the achievement one propounds to its inhabitants, and gradually trigger down the ideas in adding a platform to many unprivileged in attaining the code of living. The records are also enclosed in the manual for all to learn and practice.

There is also high credibility of knowledge-based linkage in any professional cognitive and logistic approach. We must focus on manoeuvring within the roots. The initiative to incorporate the need for self-sustenance with the contemporary era is, nonetheless, the aptest requirement to predict where the roads may lead to.

There is no denying that the past has given us enough to transform the present, and it is for us to make use of it efficiently.

How do we then acquire the maximum of knowledge in the least allotted time? The fact remains that the proportionality of a subject with others has interlinks the growth of a child with a better position of learning ingeniously.

Likewise, for all educational laureates earning degrees with bookish knowledge is too narrow to be termed a proper education. But sadly, confining within the four corners of the wall has been the traditional method of impartation. We are yet to see the changes in its outlook to influence the society in governance and the art of strengthening the stronghold of what has sustained us thus far.

Real education will encapsulate the requisite quality in an individual to make a mark on the global front too which will inculcate discipline, ethical values, moral values, positive thinking, an attitude for helping and giving to society. A suffix to it may be acquiring the way of how the popular Nationalist propagate the ideology to thrive a Nation.

Every student should be given the most convenient platform in its initial stage to overcome the fear and timidity that entangled the good virtue in ruining the prospect of a charismatic personality, and the tools to hone them is right in front of us.

For instance, the recent implementation of the NEP by the government of India is another device to transmit the message in a way pupils can assimilate and at the same time implant the richness of their traditions.

It’s an astounding initiation, and the outcome surely will instil the drive of patriotism the country needs. On its contrary, the lack of proper knowledge of one’s existence will give rise to the trend of emulating other cultures and diminishing their pride even at the stake of letting them loose at their disposal.

Its unalienable for the Nagas to diminish the stronghold of its uniqueness in the perspective of retaining our cultural heritage but the proud history of our existence is laid almost dormant to trod the declining path of a Nation’s downfall.

The seed of Indian education in the aspect of incrementing the literacy rate has implanted the young to slowly emancipate themselves from the mainstream regulation and there is no hurry either but to prolong the negotiations alongside its agenda.

This paradoxical approach is another way of liquidating the laymen of its indigenous abode for the protagonist to reap in the years to come, and there is no clear-cut shield to prevent such intrusions.

The sad irony of a revolutionary government and activist is to burn themselves out and leave the public at the hands of our adversary. Mind you, the erstwhile tradition is gone if we ever had one.

The reverberating ethos of the Colonialist is ever-increasing to draw the card against the favour of our projection, and very soon, we will become filial in our soil. It is not far off for the Nagas to be within the fold of bondage lest we initiate the process of procuring the stand in sustaining us since its inception.

The definition of Naga history is a cliché to the entire political world and WESEA, in particular, yet not a single phrase of it is inscribed in the prescribed textbooks of any national or state board. It’s a serious offence to ponder though the answer lies visibly within the purview of the oppressive legislator.

Should we then let this contagious decline of our existing pride take the better of us or call for innovation to nip the prevailing chronic deterioration in a Naga nation-building? Does our long drawn history lack vivid happenings and events to be implanted?

If we take a look at all the developed nations today, its history runs parallel with the chauvinism entertained in procuring the solidarity of its indigenous traditions. We, the Nagas, are not less capable of restraining the occupational and exploitative ideals of sowing xenophobic attitudes towards its people.

The failure to educate Nagas of their own history has long been their agenda, but it should not back us down in promoting parallel propaganda of fostering patriotism within our jurisdiction.

A time has befallen, where the might of strength has eclipsed to give birth to the might of soft powers. Endorsing a knowledge-based patriotism will ultimately dictate a sign of nobility and virtue of the Naga Nation.

The author is a social activist. Views are personal.

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