Kohima: The state government on Tuesday announced that it would ensure stricter rules—“lockdown with consolidated guidelines”, from April 30, given the surge in COVID-19 cases. Nagaland government’s spokesperson Mmhonlumo Kikon informed that the new guidelines will have the “elements of a complete lockdown”.

However, the “lockdown with consolidated guidelines” is temporary and will continue only till May 14. So, here is a list of what will remain open and what is to be prohibited, as highlighted by government spokesperson Mmhonlumo Kikon.

What is prohibited?

1. All schools, colleges, educational/coaching/vocational institutions/student hostels, and so on will be prohibited. However, online/distance learning shall continue to be permitted and encouraged.

2. All cinema halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, entertainment parks, auditoriums, theatres, assembly halls/ sports complexes and stadium, and similar places, to be prohibited.

3. All the public places in the state, like parks, museums, libraries, recreation centres, and so on, to be prohibited.

4. Entry into the State through any routes or other mode of travel, other than those notified by the state, will not be allowed, except under special circumstances with the approval of the Home Department.

5. The International Border of the State with Myanmar shall continue to remain sealed as before.

6. No standing passengers should be allowed to travel, and there should also be adherence to all the provisions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

7. Persons above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10, are advised to take necessary precautions. 

8. The entry of public visitors to offices, unless of essential nature, will be prohibited. 

What is permitted?

1. Social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious functions and other large congregations will be permitted outside the containment zones, but the gathering shall not be more than 30% of the capacity of the hall/venue/ground or 100 persons, whichever is lower, subject to COVID-19 appropriate behaviours like wearing of masks, social distancing, regular washing of hands by sanitiser/soap etc. 

2. Religious places/place of worship will be permitted to open outside the containment zones subject to a maximum of 30% of the capacity of the hall/building at any point of time or 100 persons, whichever is lower and strict adherence to all the provisions of the SOP for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

3. Any inbound traveller/returnee will be permitted to enter the State through Dimapur by Train, Air or by Road through the New Field Check Gate and the Dillai Gate: and via road through Khuzama, Kohima district, Tsutapela and Watiyongpang, Mokokchung district. Naginimora and Tizit, Mon district and Bhandari, Wokha district and Lanye in Phek district.

4. The movement of goods vehicles entering or transiting through the State shall be allowed through the above-mentioned points of entry, after a proper medical screening of the drivers and attendants of those vehicles. All other route/ roads will remain closed. 

5. Movement of persons and vehicles within the State to be permitted subject to adherence to COVID-19 behaviour at all times while moving from one place to another

6. The intra and inter-district movement of private and passenger vehicles of every category is permitted across the state, subject to the occupancy in every kind of vehicle limited to 50% of the total occupancy. 

7. The District Task Force, if it considers necessary, for discouraging unnecessary movement of people, may consider the imposition of restrictions on the non-essential movement of public and/for not allowing movement or during certain hours of the day or on certain days.

8. Shopping Malls will be permitted to open outside the containment zones subject to strict adherence to the provisions of the SOP for preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

9. Shops and hawker stalls of all categories located in marketing complexes and crowded areas like Hongkong Market, New Market in Dimapur Town, BOC Market in Kohima etc are allowed to open and operate with the condition of only a certain percentage of the shops limited to 30% as decided by the respective DTF after assessing the location and layout; may open in turns on any particular day, with other necessary measures in place in the markets to ensure that crowding is avoided, and all the social distancing norms and health safety protocols are strictly followed. 

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10. The proprietors of the shops and establishments which are allowed to open will make arrangements for keeping hand sanitisers or provide facilities for handwashing with soap and water for the public as well as for their staff/workers. The proprietors of the shops and establishments should also get the door handles, surfaces and other objects which are frequently touched by people cleaned and disinfected. Social distancing measures will also be adhered to at all the shops and outlets.

11. Hotels / Lodges will continue to be permitted to open and operate subject to adherence to conditions/ provisions of the SoP for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

12. Restaurants will continue to be permitted to open outside the containment zones subject to adherence to conditions/provisions of the SOP for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

13. Barbershop and salons are permitted to open and function subject to the provisions of the SOP.

14. Private Banks, ATM, Pharmacies Medical Clinic, Nursing Homes, Private Telecom Service, Internet Service Providers, Media houses, LPG, Petroleum outlets will continue to open/function as per the existing arrangements.

15. All other kinds of private offices/establishments may open/function subject to 50% attendance on any day and strict adherence to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. 

16. All other activities not explicitly barred or prohibited in the order or any other order issued by the Government will continue to be permitted subject to strict adherence to COVD-19 appropriate behaviour like wearing of masks, social distancing and frequent washing of hands by sanitiser/soaps by all concerned. 

17. All the activities are subject to adherence to National Directives for COVID-19 Management. The DTF if it feels there is a requirement, may, for decreasing crowding in the markets and consider the opening of only 50 % shops on any particular day in a market.

18. The Civil Secretariat und Directorates in Kohima and Dimapur and all the Government Offices in the Districts shall continue to function with attendance of officers of Deputy Secretary and above in the Secretariat, and Deputy Director and above in the Directorate and the Head of Office and an immediate junior in the District offices being mandatory. For other categories of officers and staff, a roster system shall be worked out by the AHOD / HOD/ Head of Office concerned whereby 50% of staff attends office every alternate week.

Guidelines for returnees/travellers:

1. Every inbound traveller/returnee will be guided by the provisions of the SOP dated 25th November 2020 for entry of persons into the State and on arrival will be required to produce a negative RT-PCR / TrueNat / CBNAAT test report for COVID- 19 with the test done not earlier than 72 hours before entry into the State and such persons will be further required to remain in self-isolation/quarantine for 7 days. In other cases, the person concerned after entry will be required to self-isolate/quarantine for 10 (ten) days.

2. Further, each traveller will be required to fill up this ‘Self Declaration Form‘. Necessary assistance will be made available at the entry points for those requiring help. 

3. In case of residents of NE States other than Nagaland, who are arriving in Nagaland and is either directly travelling onwards to any other NE States or transit passengers of inter-state routes shall fill in self-declaration form a transit passenger and shall proceed to their destination State directly from the point of entry without holding in Nagaland and further, they should strictly adhere to the testing guidelines of the destination states.

The new consolidated rules will be issued on April 29 and will come to force from April 30 onwards.

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