Kohima: The Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) inaugurated ‘Creative Connections’, an art space for local artists on the occasion of World Art Day.

The art space at the Regional Centre of Excellence for Music and Arts was inaugurated by Abu Metha, adviser to the chief minister.

During a short inaugural ceremony, Theja Meru, adviser to TaFMA, said the art space would serve as a great space for musicians and artists in the state. He expressed hope that artists would appreciate the creation of the space and acknowledged the role of the state chief minister for his vision to make Nagaland a capital of music and arts.

Meru assured that TaFMA, as a department, is doing all it can to help in the growth of the artistic eco-system by giving attention to all the facets of art, such as music, fashion, dance, fine art and so on.

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He revealed that the art space is a long felt dream of the artists, especially of those into fine arts. The space was created to give space to artists for various activities which may range from dance practices, conduct of residencies, exchange programmes, art camps and so on.

Abu Metha, adviser to the chief minister, said he hoped that the creation of creative connections will further give opportunities, vistas and avenues to the art community in the state to continue expanding their imaginations.

Metha urged the artists to use the “power of the internet” and various social media platforms to showcase their talents and display their talents to the global community and reach out to millions of people beyond the boundaries of the state.

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According to Metha, artists are leaders as the work of an artist reaches an enormous audience, having influences over people’s minds, and is capable of changing people’s concept.

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He added that artists are capable of sharing their imagination with an unlimited audience having the power to influence human beings–both young and old, and impact their minds. As all these qualities are attributions of leadership, he urged the artists to realise their responsibilities as leaders.

Metha challenged the artists to take the responsibilities of carrying the dreams and aspirations of the people beyond boundaries, tell stories of the people and the culture, and at same time preserve the ways of life for future generations.

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Artist Akup Buchemhu, who exhibited his art at the newly-inaugurated art space, shared his excitement about working at the art space. He told EastMojo that as an artist, providing a space for artists to work gave them the freedom to work freely. He further expressed his desire for artists to also give their best to society.

Speaking about his art “Holding on i” on exhibition, he said it was part of his ‘shawl series’ project and represented six tribes from Eastern Nagaland, which questioned if people still hold on together.

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Artist Temsuremla, who also exhibited her art representing the culture and identity of the Nagas, expressed contentment for the platform that local artists in the state are receiving to showcase their works.

Through such platforms, various artists get together and can interact with one another. Adding that TaFMA has been providing local artists with different platforms, she confidently said “We see a very bright future ahead of us”.

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