Kohima: After the NSCN-IM demanded the withdrawal of the Assam Rifles (AR) outpost at Doyapur near the outfit’s civil headquarters in Nagaland, the AR on Monday defended its security post claiming that it “plays a key role in providing a secure environment according to the wishes of the local populace, and the government”.

The AR said that the “malicious allegations” levelled by the NSCN-IM against a legitimate Assam Rifles post at Doyapur is “strange”. It said that the security post has been carrying out bona fide task in the location for over two years, further questioning the ulterior motives of the NSCN-IM.

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It added that the post is situated around 6 km from Hebron camp and is far beyond what is stipulated in the Cease Fire Ground Rules.

The AR also added that its initiatives that are carried out are in conjunction with the civil administration, and has contributed in adding value to the lives of residents of Doyapur and its neighbouring villages.

It advised the NSCN-IM to refrain from their “constant attempts directed at discrediting security forces to have a free hand in running its unlawful activities in the area”.

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