Kohima: Adviser, Technical education and election, Medo Yhokha, while addressing the inaugural session of the Northern Angami Students’ Union (NASU) 46th Biennial General Conference as a special guest, urged all Angami Nagas to unite over the Naga political issue.

Yhokha said that the Naga political issue is not about an individual or group. Rather, it belongs to the people. He also pondered if the final solution will be a “positive package” or bring a social or a tribal upheaval.

In this regard, he urged the Angami Nagas to unite and voice out as one irrespective of the regions they belong to.

He also urged the elders of the tribe to seriously deliberate on its stand on the issue for the welfare of the upcoming generation.

Likewise, he encouraged the youngsters not to only endorse what the elders say but to also participate in the discussions for the right of the people.

Whether the result will be a positive, hard or easy one, he said that the people should stand as one.

He also appealed to the Northern Angami Public Organization (NAPO) not to remain silent spectators and encouraged the apex tribal body of the Northern Angami region to contribute as Stakeholders and join hands in a discussion about the issue for the general welfare of the people.

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Addressing the student gathering, Yhokha challenged the youth to be proactive in life, plan and prepare for the future and not just watch things happen or merely speak about others.

He said that it is time to change the perspective of society. He encouraged the students to take up various career opportunities. In this regard, he also appealed to the parents to support students in their talents and help them excel.

With the fast-changing world, he also encouraged the people to preserve culture and identity but at the same time re-orient, take forward the good qualities and leave the bad practices that were practised in the past. He further challenged all people to re-look into the social settings of society.

The Northern Angami Public Organization (NAPO) and Northern Angami Women Organization (NAWO) also graced the occasion as session guests.

Chaired by Medozelhou Seyie, the session began with a prayer by Pfuzelhou Rio, Deacon Baptist church Botsa followed by a presidential address by NASU president Thepfurüya Theünuo.

During the session, Yhokha also dedicated the NASU Constitution which was adopted by the Union. NAPO President and Angami Students’ Union (ASU) President both extended greetings during the session.

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