Locals seen pulling the truck

Kohima: About 100 locals from a village in Nagaland recently rescued a truck that fell into a gorge, winning hearts of people as they displayed unity and strength.

In a viral video that circulated online on Sunday, hundreds of locals from Kutsapo village under Phek district are seen pulling a carrier truck that fell into a gorge. With ropes tied to the front and side of the truck, about a hundred men lined in different directions and pulled the truck from the slope.

Speaking with EastMojo, Kutsapo village council chairman Zashevezo Rhakho recalled the incident, which happened about three days ago. “Since we had no machine, we decided to call all men from the village to help pull the truck,” he said.

Rhakho narrated that the carrier truck loaded with ginger was bound for Dimapur when it ill fatedly met with the accident. While eight persons, including the driver, were on board the truck, no serious injury has been reported.

“The truck fell few metres down the road at a turning point. We tied ropes to the truck and build steps with bamboo to prevent the truck from skidding down when we pull it. We cleared the areas where the tyres will roll-up. That is how we managed to easily pull it off,” he said.

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Rhakho said that men from the village who were fit and not sick were called to help pull the truck and about a hundred of men positively turned up for the rescue operation. With the support of the locals and the techniques applied, he said that the truck was pulled back to the road quicker than expected.

Nagaland legislator and BJP national spokesperson Mmhonlumo Kikon took to Twitter to share the video which has already garnered over 45,000 views on the micro-blogging site.

Take a look at the video below:

While the unique practice of traditional stone pulling by hundreds of men, especially among the Angami Nagas and the Chakesang Nagas is done to commemorate jubilant occasions, the recent truck-pulling act by locals from Kutsapo village has both locals and non-locals buzzing.

There are mixed reactions of people over the internet. Many social media users appreciated the unity and strength of the locals. “The power of One”, one user wrote. “This is one fine example of how strong we are when we are united,” another user wrote.

Some users criticised the poor condition of the roads. “You should not be proud of it. Though we have unity, it show our pathetic conditions of being existing,” one user wrote. “Though this shows the power of unity, it also highlights how badly we ignored our infra in the first 60+ years of independence,” another added.

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