A high-level delegation of the Working Committee (WC) of the NNPGs meeting interlocutor and Nagaland RN Ravi in New Delhi on February 24
A high-level delegation of the Working Committee (WC) of the NNPGs meeting interlocutor and Nagaland RN Ravi in New Delhi on February 24|File image

NNPGs decry 'murder' of alleged extortionist by Nagaland Police

Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups say they will "continue to seek contributions"; accuses the state police of being "uniformed extortionists"

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Kohima: Following the death of an alleged extortionist who was killed in a scuffle with the Nagaland Police on June 23, the Working Committee (WC) of the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) "condemned" the incident terming it as "cold-blooded killing".

A press statement from the media cell said that the "murder" of the alleged extortionist by the state police's anti-extortion team is "disturbing" and that "gunning down an unarmed man is cowardice,"whether the deceased belonged to any Naga political group or is not associated.

"As trained men, the Police were expected to display tactical acumen, awareness and arrest or subdue the suspect," it said. The claim made by the police that the deceased died in a scuffle is "frivolous", it said, further adding that the "heinous crime is a blot on the police department" and is unacceptable.

Accusing the Nagaland police of being the "real extortionists", the WC NNPGs said that the "murder of the alleged extortionist" does not "absolve police force from the fact they are the real extortionists".

"It is most unfortunate that a group called Anti extortion squad is on the prowl like street dogs with shooting orders. The past is a good example. Nagaland is so small and so who pulled the trigger will also be known," it said further adding that the WC will not remain mute spectators in future.

It accused the state police of extortion saying that there is "daily monetary receipts and documents with visual proofs of police extortions from officers down to men in the field". "Who will go after these uniformed extortionists?" it questioned

It further questioned how the police force could stop the National Workers from "soliciting humble contributions from shops and commercial centres, particularly those who come to Nagaland" and make huge profits.

While claiming that all non-local traders are "well versed" about the Naga history, struggles and status of Naga people, it said that "sustenance of Naga movement is important and cannot be stopped with or without anti-extortion squad till the political conflict is resolved."

Reminding the state police that the Naga National workers have "inherited a political legacy and responsibility which precedes Indian Independence", it said that since the inception of the struggle, a "nominal contribution to the cause has been mandatory".

"The question of extortion, therefore, does not arise. Our political struggle is for the Nagas by the Nagas, to salvage our history and political right," the statement read.

It boldly said that the WC would "continue to seek contributions from Naga well-wishers and Non-Naga business establishments in Naga land. It must continue through mutual respect".

While the "present time is a struggle for all sections of people economically", it said that "there is a class of people who neither contribute, both in good and bad times, nor understand the political and historical right of the Nagas". "In connivance with enemies, they aim to destroy the aspiration of the Naga people," the statement added.

It appealed to the Naga people to "distinguish between extortionists and genuine National workers". As the WC NNPGs is "putting every effort to sustain the Naga political movement", it further said that it is their "responsibility to secure an honourable and acceptable political solution for all Nagas at the earliest".