Railway forces ensuring the safe passage of the special train at Katihar in Bihar
Railway forces ensuring the safe passage of the special train at Katihar in Bihar|EastMojo Image

Train carrying NE passengers from Gurugram ‘attacked’ for 2nd time

Migrants in Bihar attempt to board Shramik special train from Gurugram for 2nd time at Semapur station; however, RPF personnel ensure safe passage; train crosses NJP as per latest reports

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Kohima: While the Shramik special train carrying over 1,300 Northeast passengers from Gurugram in Haryana was mobbed at Danapur railway station in Bihar, migrants at Semapur station also made attempts to board the train around 5 pm as it made a stop for a few minutes due to “technical reasons”.

However, as the train reached Katihar, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) ensured the safe passage of the train.

With viral messages on social media that the train was attacked for the second time, EastMojo called Shanavas C, principal director of school education and nodal officer for COVID-19 related activities outside the state, to confirm the incident. He said: “It was not an attack. Some migrants waiting for the train tried to enter the train.”

Around 4 am on Sunday, some migrants at Danapur railway station had tried to enter the train in the train that was carrying Northeast passengers from Gurugram in Haryana en route to Nagaland via Guwahati.

The officer said that unlike the first incident, doors of the train remain locked, so no person was able to board it. However, since the doors were locked, some migrants may have banged on it, he added.

About 10 km from Semapur, the train stopped at Katihar junction where food was served to the passengers before they were sent off, Shanavas said. “Now the train is moving very fast and there are no issues. The train was having many stops because of the network congestion in Bihar,” he told EastMojo.

Passengers served with packed food and water
Passengers served with packed food and waterEastMojo Image

He added: “We understand that everyone must be stressed. But it is not the only train (stopping) due to the traffic congestion. We [state government] can only ask the administration to provide security.

Reliable sources told EastMojo that the train no 04072 had arrived at Kathipur junction at 5:30 pm and departed at 5:55 pm. During the brief stop, packed food and water bottles were distributed to the passengers. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the Government Railway Police (GRF) staff, along with the commercial staff and medical team were also present at the station to ensure the safe passage of the train.

As reported earlier, sources told EastMojo that members of the NGO Seva Bharati will be providing food and water to all the passengers and also medical assistance, if required, once the train reaches NJP station. Sources confirmed that the train had crossed NJP

Nagaland chief secretary Temjen Toy informed that the state from where the train has originated is supposed to provide one meal after which the railway authorities are to look into it. However, as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), no cooked food can be provided in the Shramik special trains, he said. The chief secretary and the home commissioner also contacted the Nagaland House in Guwahati to provide cooked food for the passengers but due to protocols which restricted entry into the railway station it was not a possibility, he revealed. He then said that the railway authority has assured to provide something for the passengers.

Railway forces at Katihar in Bihar
Railway forces at Katihar in BiharEastMojo image

The train was expected to reach Dimapur by 5:45 am on Sunday, but is now delayed for over a day and is expected to arrive by Monday afternoon.

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