Nagaland governor RN Ravi during the inauguration of Hornbill Festival in Kisama
Nagaland governor RN Ravi during the inauguration of Hornbill Festival in Kisama|File image

Resolve differences through dialogue, not guns: Ravi on R-Day eve

Nagaland governor RN Ravi sends message through AIR Kohima and Doordarshan on R-Day eve instead of delivering address in state capital Kohima on R-day tomorrow

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Medolenuo Ambrocia

Kohima: In a first, Nagaland governor RN Ravi, who will not be delivering Republic Day address in state capital Kohima, has sent his message on R-Day eve through All India Radio Kohima and Doordarshan Kendra Kohima.

In his address, Ravi said that the auspicious Day is also an occasion for the people of Nagaland to celebrate the “uniqueness in the rising Republic of India”.

Recalling how Nagaland became the 16th State of the Indian Union in 1963 through peaceful political process between the people of Nagaland and the Govt. of India, he paid deepest homage and tribute to the leaders of the Naga Peoples’ Convention, who displayed their extraordinary courage, political vision and strategic foresight and secured for the people, the Nagaland State with Special Status sanctified under Article 371-A of the Constitution of India, which recognized the Uniqueness of the Nagas and safeguarded their identity and interests.

“Some people, using guns, have tried to undermine the historical reality of the Nagaland state and its unique Constitutional status. On this Day, I remind them that violence has never succeeded and shall never succeed. Power through the barrel of gun is a proven failed ideology”, he said.

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