In the video, popular singer Mengu Suokhrie (right) is accompanied by two familiar faces of Dreamz Unlimited -- Imkongchuba Longchar (middle) and Ariensa Longchar Credit: Dreamz Unlimited

Dimapur: We have often had debates on how a ‘smart city’ project is progressing (or not) and/or how it should be (or should not be). While friendly discussions are part of a democratic set-up, Dimapur-based Dreamz Unlimited says unless residents don’t become a part of the change they want to see, the real meaning of a smart city will never come out.

In a new video published on Saturday, the popular Naga YouTuber and comedy group from Nagaland has once again nailed it by touching upon a burning topic, but in a subtle yet humorous manner.

In the video, Mengu Suokhrie — a renowned singer from Nagaland and an upcoming sensation in the movie industry as well — is accompanied by two familiar faces of Dreamz Unlimited, Imkongchuba Longchar and Ariensa Longchar. While delivering some witty punchlines to the questions raised by the Ariensa-Mengu duo, Imkongchuba aka ‘Rev Fredricks’ clears the air on the true definition of a ‘smart city’. He talks about the necessity of locals to be sensible and grow in order to make the town a “smart city”.

“It’s unique, it’s special and it has a beauty of its own,” says Imkongchuba while talking about Kohima in the video. “Government, administrators, police, policy-makers, etc, all are working hard to make it happen… [But] It’s not easy work to develop a city, it takes time,” he goes on to say.

While the seven-minute video makes us roll in laughter, it also brings up the face of reality in development and the abstract development that is required within the residents of the city in order to make a city smart or be tagged a smart city.

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One can watch the video here:

YouTube video

Within less two than two days of its release, the video has already garnered over 2 lakh views on YouTube and counting.

Dreamz Unlimited is one of the top YouTube content publishers from the Northeast region of India. They also took part in producing a full-length movie from the state called ‘Nana’. The group often comes up with witty and humorous videos that are sure to make viewers have a good laugh and at the same time learn some life lessons.

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