NEW SONGS SUNDAY: Vicetone, AWA, Lana Del Rey…

New music is here this week. Artists Lana Del Rey, her father Rob Grant and musician SODY used landscape as a metaphor for their emotional and spiritual turmoils. Silver linings and passion appear in songs by Vicetone, AWA and GrimesAI x Kito. 

On the other news, English artist Sophie Ellis-Bextor has dropped her pop album, ‘Hana.’ 

1. AWA – Daylight Robbery 

Swedish singer Awa Santesson-Sey rose to popularity after appearing in X Factor Sweden as a 15-year old. But now, the artist has alleged that she was abused, exploited and put on drugs by the industry people to keep her making music. 

Thankfully, she has broken away from her label and gone independent. Her first single since going independent is called “Daylight Robbery”. The song is an amapino-style dance track with delicate vocals by AWA. She sings about breaking free and people committing “daylight robbery” on her, while wondering if they ever regretted wronging her. The song may sound sad and it is, but there is a silver lining here that shines bright. The artist has teased an upcoming album entitled ‘Self-Inventory’ that will come out this year. 

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2. Rob Grant, Lana Del Rey – Lost at Sea 

We all know of nepo babies: children who follow in the footsteps of their famous musician fathers to become singers by using the power of their parent’s industry connections. But get this, famous singer Lana Del Rey’s father, Rob Grant, is going to release his first album ever. A fairly

unknown man, he seems to have embraced his status as a “nepo daddy” and is taking in stride the fact that his daughter is a Grammy-nominated hit artist. His album is called Lost at Sea and will be released on June 9th. 

The fourth single from this album is eponymously titled, and sees Rob Grant collaborate with his daughter for a beautiful ballad. Their vocals swirl against a “hypnotic” piano composition. The lyrics tell a dramatic and hope-filled story of being stranded in sea, and in life, before finding someone who guides you back to safety. Before the release, Lana Del Rey joked on social media about the collaboration, “This is either gonna be the beginning of something beautiful or take us all down”. 

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3. Vicetone – The World Has A Heartbeat 

Dutch duo Vicetone have released the second single from their upcoming EP, ‘Departing Reality’. The EP will be accompanied by a tour in summer. The electronic dance song is accompanied by soothing vocals and lyrics that speak of love and relating to the world: “The world we built is slipping through our fingers. We’re running out of time. And you are the one I’ve chosen. And I won’t lay still. Living left behind, imprisoned by this love.” 

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4. Tove Lo – I like u 

Produced by Timfromthehouse, the new single by Tove Lo is a rave-y dance number that was inspired by the 90s and Y2K era music. “I Like U” follows a narrator who is infatuated with another man even as he is in a relationship with someone else. Still, the singer can’t stop thinking about him. Apparently, it’s based on her thoughts when she

first saw her husband. The Swedish singer has hinted that this is part of an upcoming ‘Dirt Femme’ deluxe album which will also include her previous single, “Borderline”. 

YouTube video

5. Kito – Cold Touch (feat. GrimesAI) 

U.S.-based, Australian DJ Kito has released an AI-enhanced song. Titled “Cold Touch”, it is sung by British artist Nina Nesbitt. But her voice was fed into Elf.Tech, an AI software started by artist Grimes. And the voice was altered to sound like that of Grimes who has openly supported the use of artificial intelligence in art. 

YouTube video

6. SODY – Frozen Lake 

Just like Rob Grant and Lana Del Rey using the sea as a metaphor for life’s struggles, so has singer SODY used a lake as a metaphor. The British singer sings emphatically about how she sometimes feels like she is under a frozen lake, immobile. And then she finds herself standing on the lake and looking down. 

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The landscape is used to paint a picture of a hesitant artist who understands what she must do, but still feels unable to break from her old habits. 

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“The inspiration behind the song came from a recurring dream I was having”, she commented. “And when I looked up the meaning, it said I was being held back in areas of my life and was unfulfilled with the direction I was going in. That was exactly how I was feeling in my career at the time but can also relate it to certain relationships too.”

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