NEW SONGS SUNDAY: Demi Lovato, Melanie Martinez & ‘John Wick’!

The week has been full of exciting releases which include new tracks for the smash hit ‘John Wick: Chapter 4” and ‘A Good Person’, starring Florence Pugh, a remodel of Demi Lovato’s much-loved “Heart Attack”, and a summer anthem by Hailee Steinfeld. 

We also have a new album from Lana Del Rey, titled ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’.

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So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Rina Sawayama – Eye For An Eye (Single from John Wick: Chapter 4)

Singer Rina Sawayama is going places. After performing in sold-out shows last year, the “Frankenstein” singer is making her debut on the big screen with “John Wick: Chapter 4”. The 32-year-old has also released a track for the movie, entitled “Eye For An Eye”. The rock song is produced by Tyler Bates and sees Sawayama unleash her powerhouse vocals for a wrathful song about Old Testament-style vengeance. It’s a theme befitting the beloved film franchise.

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2. Baby Tate & Saweetie – Hey, Mickey

Rapper Baby Tate has the uncanny gift of making songs that go instantly viral on TikTok. Recently, an old track of hers – titled “Hey, Mickey” – suddenly saw a boost in the app (it now has over 70 million Spotify streams!). 

And now, the LA-based rapper has put out a remix of the song and roped in rapper Saweetie for it. Saweetie’s verse is strong and her delivery is entertaining; she impressively switches her flow multiple times. The remix is another addition to your playlist of light-hearted and humorous bops.

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3. Melanie Martinez – DEATH

Melanie Martinez has undergone a major transformation in her avatar. No longer in kawaii, nursery-themed outfits, the singer-songwriter is now sporting an otherworldly ‘alien’ look à la Björk. She signals this shift in her new song “DEATH”, by announcing the death of Cry Baby, the persona that made her a household name in pop. 

“My body has died, but I’m still alive,” she sings. “Look over your shoulder… I show my presence, you run away in fear of ghosts. I try to talk, the barriers are too strong”. Martinez imparts a profound message in how death is just a part of a cycle of transformation and one is never really gone. Cry Baby now lives as a ghost. And while her fans and loved ones are heartbroken and think she’s gone forever, Cry Baby’s ghost still senses everything and tries to communicate with them, for instance, by flickering the lights.

“DEATH” is the lead single from her forthcoming album, ‘Portals’. It is out on March 31st.

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4. Florence Pugh – The Best Part

English actress Florence Pugh surprises her fans by releasing her first ever music titled “The Best Part”. Sung completely by her, the track is from her new movie ‘A Good Person’. Directed by Zach Braff and starring Pugh and Morgan Freeman, the drama follows a promising young singer whose life turns upside down after a big accident.

The song is heartbreaking, emotional and lyrically raw. Pugh’s voice impressed me greatly. 

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5. Demi Lovato – Heart Attack (Rock Version)

In 2013, Demi Lovato broke records with her”Heart Attack”. The power pop anthem became one of her most recognizable songs. In the event of its 10th anniversary, the former Disney star has released its rock version.

“I wouldn’t have believed that I would be re-recording this song for a 10 year anniversary because it was that special,” Lovato gushed, “But being able to see it from that perspective today is really exciting to me.” 

Considering all the life-altering circumstances she’s been through (public overdose, rehab stints, breakups, closet outings), the singer has come out with heightened self-awareness and maturity. This is clearly heard in her powerful voice which is angstier and wiser in the rock version. The “Skyscraper” singer last released the song  “Still Alive” for ‘Scream VI’.

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6. Hailee Steinfeld – SunKissing

Hailee Steinfeld isn’t the most active singer in the industry. But when she does drop a single, you best believe they become major hits. 

With her new track “SunKissing”, the actress and singer unveils a fresh sound that is uplifting and breezy, just like our best summer holidays. The lyrics are perfectly suitable for the coming season: the “Stitches” singer urges her listeners to give love a chance, have fun and make mistakes. 

“This is really the first time I’ve been able to build a proper world that I cannot wait for”, Steinfeld said regarding the single and her rumoured upcoming record.

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7. FLO – Fly Girl (feat. Missy Elliott)

London girl group FLO gets rap icon Missy Elliott on board for the 90s-inspired RnB song “Fly Girl”. It’s a signature FLO track about getting over your trashy ex-boyfriend and becoming a baddie. It’s very much on trend thanks to the message of empowerment via glow-ups: “If you a fly girl, get your nails done/get a pedicure, get your hair did”. 

The song samples Missy Elliott‘s 2002 hit “Work Hit” and is catchy enough. FLO give a glowing statement about the MNEK-produced single, calling it a “perfect fusion of old school meets modern day R&B” before gushing about working with Missy Elliott so early in their career. 

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8. Teamarrr – Put It In A Coffin

Teamarrr is a Haitian-American music artist who hasn’t made a single bad song. Her new single, stylized as “PutItInACoffin”, follows her usual themes of breakups and heartbreaks but is endowed with her signature wit and passion. 

The singer’s confusion and pain are apparent in the writing: “How are you living without me?… Why don’t you feel anything while I’m in my feelings without me?.” The “Kinda Love” crooner portrays an increasingly frustrated emotion with her writing:  “And it’s like I take a sip of air and it turns to wine. And you make me feel like I’m about to vomit everything inside”. The suffocation is palpable. The song switches beat in the second half which further solidifies the feeling of restlessness that follows the termination of a passionate connection.

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9. Shygirl – Woe (I See It From Your Side) (Björk Remix)

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Shygirl and Björk are two figures in club music, one a rising star and another, an established legend. Their collaboration was awaited patiently by each of their fans, and their track does not disappoint. “Woe (I See It From Your Side)” is a remix of Shygirl’s 2022 banger “Woe”. The Björk remix totally deconstructs and turns inside out the electronic track, while offering up a new verse and perspective on the situation. Also, look out for the Icelandic artist’s unexpected swearing on her verse.

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