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Last week was undoubtedly a week of romantic songs thanks to Valentine’s Day. Unabashedly optimistic love songs were released by former One Direction member Niall Horan and indie artist Beabadoobee. A song about self-love was revealed by IAMDDB who is currently touring India (Delhi, Goa, Pune and Bangalore). The greyer side of love and relationships was explored as well, this time, by Omar Apollo and ENNY. 

The week also saw new album/EP releases such as Queen Herby’s ‘The Muse’ EP, Caroline Polachek’s ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’ and ‘TRUSTFALL’ by P!nk. 

1. Niall Horan – Heaven 

The Irish popstar releases his first single in 3 years. “Heaven” is a purely positive love song which many have guessed as his declaration of love for his girlfriend Amelia Woolley. “Your touch is made of something/Heaven can’t hold a candle to/You’re made of somethin’ new”. 

It is the lead single from his upcoming third studio album, ‘The Show’, which will be out on 9th June. 

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2. Beabadoobee – Glue Song 

The British-Filipino singer has finally released a fan favourite live song of hers titled “Glue Song”. The beautiful ballad has strings, trumpets, a simple drum beat and grand piano chords. 

“I usually write these songs that are sad”, said Beatrice Laus of the romantic and twee song. “In the past with my writing, even when it doesn’t sound sad looking back, the lyrics usually have been. For the first time this is just me being really

happy. I’m in a really positive place for the first time in a long time and feeling love.” Laus is currently in a relationship with music video director Jake Erland. 

“It is my favourite love song I’ve written so far”. The “Coffee” singer said that there were “no lyrics with double meanings or some weird sad undertone”. Instead, it was “just a plain and simple, in your face, love song”. 

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3. IAMDDB – Where Did The Love Go 

Manchester-based Angolan singer IAMDDB dabbles in urban jazz (a mix of jazz, trap, R&B beats and rap). On Valentine’s Day, the “Shade” singer unveiled the track “Where Did the Love Go”, a love song written from the perspective of her higher Self to her current Self. It has a mix of drum’n’bass beats and a mesmerising trance vibe. 

The singer and rapper is currently on an India tour with DJ Lag as part of Ultra SoulFlyp.

From 17th to 25th February, IAMDDB (real name Diane De Brito) is touring Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa. The concerts have been described as an attempt to “bridge the gap between music and experience”. Stay tuned for her upcoming record, ‘Vol. 6’ 

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4. Princess Nokia – Closure 

The Puerto Rican-American artist dropped a complex song about love on Valentine’s Day. Titled “Closure”, the “I Like Him” hitmaker talks about a beautiful and fulfilling relationship that came at the right time. It eventually ended but it was meant to. It’s a short, pop-punk throwback to the 2000s where the multihyphenate singer accepts it for it was. 

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5. Flo Milli – Nasty Dancer 

The OG Parker-produced track sees Flo Milli throw some fiery bars about playing with the feelings of a man who she knows is seeing other women. In all this, she also finds the time to rap about self-confidence, money and being better off than her rivals. It has an old school hip hop feel to it. Milli has been known to use her voice like an instrument. The chorus of the track is highly memorable and easy to rap along to. 

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6. ENNY – No More Naija Men 

Speaking on her new track, rapper ENNY commented: “I had writer’s block at the end of 2021. Then I had my first session with Emil, he’d been playing through some sick beats. Then, I hear these beautiful bongo drums alongside 4 simple chords. I was sold”… She had “conversations on interracial & intercultural love. And the ultimate conclusion that Nigerian men are mad.”

In “No More Naija Men”, the British rapper talks about modern dating woes, two-timers, toxic relationships, the dating pool and the implications of expanding or limiting it. 

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7. Omar Apollo – 3 Boys 

Omar Apollo, a Grammy Award nominee for Best New Artist, has released a sad song about the complications of a non-monogamous relationship. “When I first started writing songs I would often write about unrequited love,” the neo-soul singer said.

“Eventually, I wrote songs about the complexities that come with a relationship. “3 Boys” was my first time writing about something non-monogamous”. 

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