We all are used to reading and anticipating and composing lists like ‘Best Music Albums of 2022’ and so on. But less attention is given to the equally brilliant extended plays and mixtapes that artistes work hard on. Though shorter in length and accompanied by a less buzzy rollout of singles, and made possible with relatively lower production budgets, these EPs and mixtapes can often boast of songs equal or even superior in sound and songwriting than songs in major albums.

So let’s look at fifteen “eepees” and “mixies” of this year that are randomly picked to be put under the pop culture microscope (an exaggeration), and see what I think of them and if they are worth the listen. What did you think of them?

  1. Baby Tate – Mani/Pedi

For fans of Hip hop, R&B, Megan Thee Stallion

A potpourri of tracks mainly representing two sides of a woman: the Baddie and the Softie….

YouTube video
  1. PinkPantheress – Take me home

For fans of DNB, garage, KAYTRANADA, Mura Masa

Only three songs on this DnB/garage EP but it’s oh-so-worth-it.

YouTube video
  1. Jaz Karis – Dear Jaz

For fans of R&B, Ella Mai, AWA

Jaz Karis declares herself the suzerain of serene R&B music with Dear Jaz’s soothing sound until you give the lyrics a listen. Then it breaks your heart.

YouTube video
  1. Doechii – she / her / black / b***h

For fans of Rap, electro-rap, R&B, Rico Nasty, SZA

While we wait for the Florida rapper’s debut studio album, let’s feast on her 5-song extended play that sees her stretch her rap skills and genres to the limit.

YouTube video
  1. Bree Runway – Woah, What a Blur!

For fans of House, club, rap, pop

Just like the above-mentioned Doechii, British it-girl Bree Runway gives us something to chew on as she prepares for her major entrance. It’s an EP with one banger after another.

YouTube video
  1. Saweetie – The Single Life

For fans of Rap, R&B, pop, Doja Cat, H.E.R.

Controversies regarding its low sales notwithstanding, The Single Life is actually a blast: pretty, confident and sexy, just like the single life many women desire.

YouTube video
  1. Lava La Rue – Hi-Fidelity

For fans of R&B, Greentea Peng

Psychedelic R&B and rap converge in this groovy, sexy and mournful record.

YouTube video
  1. FLO – The Lead

For fans of R&B, Destiny’s Child, Cheetah Girls

The British trio consisting of Renee, Jorja and Stella emulate ’90s R&B and girl group glamour in what is a victorious banger of an EP.

YouTube video
  1. Bella Poarch – Dolls

For fans of Dance pop, electro pop, Grimes, Sub Urban, Mia Rodriguez

Girlboss feminism and spooky sounds collide in this cute 6-track EP by TikTok sensation Bella Poarch.

YouTube video
  1. Fazerdaze – Break!

For fans of Indie rock, grunge

Musician Amelia Murray fashionably declares her quarter-life crisis in this delicate, breezy and grungy record.

YouTube video
  1. Dee MC – MMM

For fans of Indian hip hop, Hakim

Mumbai-based emcee Deepa Unnikrishnan’s MMM (Money. Made. Maniac.) is equal parts spacey, searching and badass.

YouTube video
  1. Sevdaliza – Raving Dahlia

For fans of Electronica, club, grunge rock

The Iranian-Dutch artiste’s February release is a practice of precision in sound, abstract social commentary, restrained emotions and the “less is more” aesthetic.

YouTube video

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  1. Billie Eilish – Guitar Songs

For fans of Acoustic pop

Billie’s new EP only has two songs in them. And the guitar riffs in both sound a lot like Clairo’s Sling record. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

YouTube video
  1. Trillary Banks – 90s Baby

For fans of Old school hip hop, R&B

Owing to the seamless transitions of tracks, get ready for a near-authentic ’90s brainchild, with the tracks sampling classic ’90s R&B and rap music to make what is mainly a nostalgic mixtape curated for the purest old skewl hip hop heads.

YouTube video
  1. Natania – Take a Look

For fans of Bubblegum pop

All tracks of this triad are cut from the same cloth of commercial-friendly, self-confident, bubblegum-popping, hip-strutting pop.

YouTube video

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