We look at the new tracks released this past week, from genres spanning soul, rock, hip hop and pop music. 

1. Chlöe – Treat Me 

The “Have Mercy” star gives us resplendent harmonies in her latest track “Treat Me”. Sometimes, it sounds like there are two songs in one, and the lyrics are hyper-confident and self-assured. It’s still a fun track.

Doechii – Crazy 

Florida rapper Doechii gives us a bonkers turn with “Crazy”. Her music has always been unhinged, but this is a new level of crazy, with an energy that matches Azealia Banks and Nicki Minaj’s alter ego, Roman Zolanksi. “Crazy” will re-energize the party crowd, making them get up and rage. Doechii’s verses are inventive too.

Camila Cabello – psychofreak (feat. WILLOW)

The “Señorita” singer has dropped her new pop record, ‘Familia’. A highlight from this LP is “psychofreak”. Featuring the strongly memorable vocals of the always reliable Willow Smith, Cabello explores her insecurities as she describes feeling like an outsider and having to wrestle with fame, the media and her emotions. At one point, the singer addresses her issues with her former Fifth Harmony singers (“I don’t blame the girls for how it went down”). The song itself might not have great replay value.

BIA – London (feat. J Cole) 

The rapper from Massachusetts hops on the very British “Drill beat” to give us a superbly fun hip hop track. With her creative verses which allude to London and British culture in general, you might even think the rapper is from the UK if you didn’t know BIA before. Fellow rapper J Cole matches the vibe with fire bars. 

OSHUN – Unplugged 

The dynamic hip hop/R&B duo are back. Known for their political messages, afro-futuristic aesthetics and visuals, and enough swag to drown New York City, many fans were excited for what was next for this duo. Their new single, “Unplugged”, is a calmer, toned down song of the acoustic soul genre. The lyrics, which urge listeners to unplug from social media and tune in to real life instead, is an extremely relevant issue among millennials and Gen Z. The vocals remind one of Greentea Peng. With a duration of over 5 minutes, the relaxing, and almost meditative, song stretches too thin.

Anthony De La Torre, Lana Condor – No One Can 

Singer De La Torre and actress Lana Condor (‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’) have announced their engagement to much fanfare. To memorialize this sweet moment, the much loved couple have released a cute romantic ballad that will be a great hit in wedding dances. 

Yung Lean – Bliss (feat. FKA twigs) 

Swedish rapper Yung Lean makes a fun hip hop track with the effervescent FKA twigs. His new studio album, ‘Stardust’, is out now.

 Tay Money – Fake Love 

This might be one of the weaker singles by rapper Tay Money since “Self Made”. Usually reliable for her catchy beats and samples, “Fake Love” is a more trap-y rap song with some corny verses, such as the horrific “He gon give me head like a hair dryer. After I cook for him in my air fryer”. The track feels scattered and brainless; it will hype up listeners at a club, but repel them outside of it when they are in their senses. 

Will Joseph Cook – Kisses 

The artist from Kent puts his signature summer melodies and quirky pop production to good use in this upbeat romantic song dedicated to his lady love.

Maya Jane Coles, CAYAM – Voicebox 

Producer Maya Jane Coles, also using the stage name CAYAM, gives us a hypnotizing electronic dance piece which have some enticing vocal additions.

Anna Calvi – Ain’t No Grave 

Artist Anna Calvi makes a rock track to accompany the soundtrack for TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’. The rock song channels PJ Harvey, who incidentally also made a show.

Karen Elson – Green 

The English songstress sounds elegant and gorgeous in this magical lounge pop piece, with song-writing that loyally sticks to the themes of colours and their significance in Elson’s life. 

Wet Leg – Ur Mum 

English pop duo Wet Leg give a powerful performance with “Ur Mum”. If it doesn’t win you over in its first ten seconds, wait for the unexpected scream towards the end which will penetrate your soul and make you look up the talented young band.

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