New Songs Sunday: Bree Runway, Nicki Minaj & Miguel and more

Willow releases her alt rock metal song “Purge” in collaboration with Siickbrain which has a level of libertarian, society-defying attitude which will make even the most hardcore metal fan blush. Or it will sound corny and try hard to the more cynical of music listeners. It’s your pick.

Dee MC and all-women hip hop group Wild Wild Women serve up an incredible and fun feminist track in the shape of “Doing Okay” where the group chemistry is bordering on a sister-like bond.

1. Bree Runway – Somebody Like You

After her sassy and audacious track “Pressure“, pop artist Bree Runway gives us a more sombre music in the form of soulful, romantic ballad “Someone Like You”. The 80s-early 90s inspired pop song is Bree’s love letter to her future partner.

2. Nicki Minaj – We Go Up (feat. Fivio Foreign)

Rap queen Nicki Minaj serves her familiar flows and style with the highly entertaining “We Go Up” which has inventive and humorous bars. But then, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Minaj. Fivio Foregin also keeps up with Nicki with some heavy fire bars.

3. Willow – PURGE (feat. Siickbrain)

Willow Smith and fellow L.A.-based artist Siickbrain collaborate on a demented metal song. There are heavy metal influences, brash guitars and an ample amount of screaming to make a dark, disturbing, intriguing song which metal heads might enjoy.

4. Kilo Kish – DEATH FANTASY (feat. Miguel)

Kilo Kish continues her industrial pop sounds with “DEATH FANTASY”, which features the angelic voice of Miguel in the background. Kilo’s album ‘AMERICAN GURL‘ is out now. Check it out!

5. Celeste – To Love A Man

A year after releasing her masterpiece record ‘Not Your Muse’, neo-soul singer Celeste has dropped her latest song, “To Love A Man”. It is a bittersweet but romantic love song about the uncertainty of relationships, the fear and fascination that is involved in loving someone one could lose any time.

6. Beabadoobee – Talk

British singer Beabadoobee conjures 90-s rock nostalgia repackaged for Gen Z taste in the rock song “Talk”. The themes and instrumentation are something we have heard repeatedly time and time again in the musician’s discography, especially in her last LP, ‘Fake It Flowers’. Perhaps we can get a new theme from her next time that doesn’t revolve around her significant other?

7. Dee MC, Wild Wild Women, Instine – Doing Okay

Rapper Dee MC makes what is perhaps her most interesting work in some time in collaboration with the India all-women hip hop group Wild Wild Women. “Doing Okay”, produced by Deepa’s regular producer Instine, is an endlessly fun and entertaining song which preaches women empowerment without taking itself too seriously. With different flows upon flows and the variations in different voices, what we get is a 90s East Coast hip hop group-inspired rap music filled with lighthearted humour and chill vibes with the rappers weaving verses with each other like they’re in a basketball match.

8. Sally Sossa – Toot It Up (feat. Flo Milli)

Empowering and audaciously confident, “Toot It Up” reminds one of the maverick rapper Jean Deaux and Rubi Rose, and all credit must go to rising Houston artist Sally Sossa and Alabama star Flo Milli.

9. Karen Elson – Wild Blue (from the Original Motion Picture ‘Moonshot’)

Singer Karen Elson has dropped two new songs on the same day. While one is her new single named “Broken Shadows“, another even more captivating single is “Wild Blue”, which is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming HBO Max movie, ‘Moonshot’ which stars Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse in a science fiction romance drama. “Wild Blue” is a gorgeous, band piece that will make your heart soar.

10. Jaz Karis – 2Night

Jaz Karis is back with a more upbeat R&B track with some melodious tunes and laid back instrumentation.

11. Caitlyn Scarlett – Forgive Yourself

London-based artist Caitlyn Scarlett collaborates with the all-female classical music group, Her Ensemble. What they make is a haunting piece of music about forgiving yourself, letting your guard down and moving on.

12. Cat Burns – Go (feat. Sam Fischer)

Cat Burns remakes her highly successful song “Go“, this time, featuring guest Sam Fischer. It’s an acoustic-backed pop song about breaking up with someone who’s only holding you back. It’s a pleasant hearing.

13. Celina Sharma – 24/7 (Acoustic) (feat. Harris J)

Australian singer Celina Sharma and British singer Harris J make the acoustic version of their smash hit song “24/7“. Sharma’s stunning vocal abilities are on full display here and so are that of Harris J.

Check out the “New Songs Sunday” playlist on Spotify.

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