1. Saweetie – Closer (feat. H.E.R.) 

“Closer” is a real treasure to listen to: it’s magical, seductive, soft and filled it with positive energies from its disco-inspired instrumentals to it’s affirmative lyrics. H.E.R.’s singing is unforgettable and exceptional. “Closer” is said to be meant for playtime at Forever21 boutiques and honestly, we are not complaining. The impact of Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ is undeniable here as the 2020 hit has led to various inspired works such as “Don’t Rock Me To Sleep”, “Better Days”, “Big Energy” and now, “Closer”. 

2. Doja Cat – Celebrity Skin 

Rapper Doja Cat unexpectedly covers the iconic song “Celebrity Skin” by the grunge band Hole. Love her or not, Hole’s lead singer Courtney Love’s voice was always full and recognizable. We love to see Doja Cat go in this direction; she sings well without trying to be Love’s carbon copy. Doja is known for her versatility with songs ranging from hip-hop, lo-fi and house-rap to pop, R&B and now, rock. We’d love for her to explore rock and grunge further on her next album. 

3. Jetta – Honey (Jonasu and RUDY remix) 

After JUGEL’s sombre “Honey remix” , we now get a sunnier, peppier version of Jetta’s “Honey”.

Jonasu and RUDY make a house spin on Jetta’s soulful song and it’s a great result. This Honey remix is for boutiques and salons just like Saweetie and H.E.R.’s “Closer”. 

4. Nicki Minaj – Bussin (feat. Lil Baby) 

Nicki Minaj and Lil Baby have proven to be a smashing combo. First with last week’s “Do We Have A Problem” and now, with “Bussin”. Minaj’s pengame and showmanship are, as always, hugely entertaining in this track. 

5. Tinashe – Naturally 

Tinashe gives us Britney Spears-pop with this new dance single. It has all the typical Tinashe characteristics we have come to be familiar with. The song is super good and should have been on the ‘333’ record that she released last year. However, we are getting the ‘333’ deluxe and “Naturally” is the first single off of that. 

6. Stefflon Don – Like That 

Stefflon is visibly going in a different direction lately with her newer tracks. “Like That” is quieter and perhaps, sadder? We do miss Don’s older, stronger hits like “Dip”, “Can’t Let You Go” and “Move”. But still, the lyrics here are passionate and tell us a vivid story. 

7. Kate Nash – Imperfect 

British musician Kate Nash gives us a child-friendly, empowering pop track with tender-punk touches and some snappy lyrics. 

8. Mahalia – Letter To Ur Ex 

English singer Mahalia serves us some female solidarity with her new single. Since Fiona Apple’s “Newspaper”, we haven’t had such an impassioned song about getting in touch with your ex’s ex to discuss the man who broke both your and her hearts. 

9. Shenseea – R U That (feat. 21 Savage) 

“R U That” is groovy and extremely cool. Shenseea and 21 Savage make a supremely great match, sharing the same frequency. Like Stefflon Don’s “Like That”, this too gives us a vivid and colourful story about expectations in relationships. 

10. Baby Tate – What’s Love 

Baby Tate croons her heart out in this gorgeous early 2000s-inspired R&B track about heartbreak and reminiscing. 

11. Lady Leshurr – Butterflies 

For Valentine’s Day, Lady Leshurr does a freestyle to Paramore’s pop punk hit “Butterflies”. Leshurr has always been an ambitious artist who isn’t afraid to be out there. This remix of sorts needs some getting used to; initially, it will be jarring to some ears due to the difference in sound and genre of Paramore and Lady Leshurr. 

12. Meghali Krishnatri – XAAGOR NILA (feat. Achurjya Borpatra) 

We get a beautiful, charming and delicate romantic number by Assamese singer Meghali Krishnatri and a memorable and robust feature by Achurjya Borpatra. 

13. Duke Deuce – Falling Off (feat. Rico Nasty) 

Produced by Ricky Davaine, “Falling Off” is unabashedly confident, tough, dark and wild. Hip hop doesn’t get more badass than this Duke Deuce track. With her firecracker verse, Rico is unstoppable here: “We bring the sticks and the hammers / Blow out your light like a candle, my b***hes they go on commando”. 

14. Renata Zeiguer – Evergreen

The second single from her upcoming album ‘Picnic In The Dark’, this melodious guitar pop song is another win for Zeiguer. 

15. Thotmung Muivah – Hey Mr. Leader 

Delhi-based artist Thotmung Muivah dedicates this song to all the candidates this election season. “Hey Mr Leader” is an enormously warm, gentle and hopeful song that almost begs for future leaders to fulfil their promises, a hope that is all too naïve. 

16. LION BABE – Harder (with Busta Rhymes) 

LION BABE keeps making amazing music, this time with a truly fun and addictive vogue song inspired by ball culture. Legendary rapper Busta Rhymes, who is known for his gangsta rap, is willing to push the envelope here with a never before heard persona. It is absolutely delightful to see him and LION BABE with this sound. “Harder”will bring a smile to your face. 

17. Fontaines D.C. – I Love You 

With its meandering, brash and heartfelt 5 minute song, “I Love You” is a dark and epic anthem by an angsty band from Ireland. 

18. Hatchie – Giving The World Away 

We get a 90s and early 2000s-inspired sound that will touch the older Gen Zers’ hearts and remind them of moments they had long forgotten. At points, there is almost like a sound of us going through a tunnel, complete with an echoing sound, and some soft rock sound. The songwriting is bold as it gives us a rousing message of chasing our dreams and not throwing aside the one life we have. This song makes Australian singer Hatchie an artist to look out for. 

19. R.A.E. – Imposter 

“Imposter” is a melodious pop-R&B song. It’s almost painful to listen to because of its lyrics alluding to the memories of depression and giving up on life and newfound hope. This quitely empowering song could be one of the best releases by R.A.E. Definitely give this a listen. 

20. Lewis OfMan, Coco & Clair Clair – Misbehave 

The signature soft rapping of the rap and dream pop duo mix with Kesha’s party-like lyrics and Lewis OfMan’s disco funk-ish production to make what is a vibe-y and almost vintage Bollywood-sounding pop track. 

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