New Songs Sunday: Including Tinashe and Machine Gun Kelly!

This has been a mostly slow weekend where new song drops are few and far between. But we do look at some tracks we could not cover the week before (Willow, MGK and Tinashe), plus some bold new tracks (Bree Runway and Will Joseph Cook) which are equally deserving of our eyes and ears.

1. Bree Runway – Pressure

The Hackney-raised British star cannot make a bad song. We can confirm this with her latest single, “Pressure”, which is a delectable mix of dancehall and Brazilian funk. The pen game is on point here with super confident lyricism.

2. Megan Thee Stallion – Flamin’ Hottie

In “Flamin’ Hottie”, Megan samples the classic hip-hop track called “Push It” by legendary rap group Salt-N-Pepa. “Flamin’ Hottie” is Megan’s new track accompanying the Super Bowl LVI Commercial for Frito-Lays’ Flamin’ Hot chip line. The ultra-confident, swagger-filled bop sounds like it belongs in Megan’s compilation album ‘Something For Thee Hotties’ which was released last Halloween. The track was most certainly meant for it but was probably left on the cutting floor while assembling the album. However, it still sounds top-notch and confirms that Megan is truly the CEO of Hot Girl Summer™ .

3. Machine Gun Kelly – emo girl (feat. WILLOW)

Depending on where one stands in music taste, a pop-punk fan is either delighted to see Willow Smith collab with MGK, or they want to punch a wall with rage. The instrumentation of “emo girl” is melodious, sweet and tinged with nostalgia. But the songwriting is heavily awkward and cringe-inducing with unbelievable lines such as, “she says she’s depressed. I told her that makes two of us.”

4. Will Joseph Cook – Little Miss

Cook’s previous single (“4 AM”) was manic, wandering and emotionally desperate. This track in comparison is steady and quieter. The lyrics follow Will talking about how the ordinary objects in his house such as books and the mirror are jealous of the girl he is in love with because they will never get Will’s attention the way his love interest does. The words are well gathered and quirky and the melody is hella groovy and addictive.

5. Alfie Templeman – Broken

Alfie Templeman makes a great pop tune with this whimsical and amusing piece. Also, Templeman’s vocals here are to die for.

6. Jameer Kharkongor – This Song’s For You

The Pune-based musician gives us a delightful and joyous romantic song dedicated to the object of his affections. But the ballad also feels like a love letter to the country music genre due to the string arrangements and percussion, and that’s lovely.

7. Jack White – Fear of the Dawn

“Fear of the Dawn” is much like White’s previous single, “Taking Me Back”, with its overdriven, aggressive guitars and rage-filled singing.

8. Trillary Banks – SHE A B**CH FREESTYLE

UK rapper Trillary has a steady flow paired with empowered lyrics in this cool freestyle. Throughout this track (and especially in the outro), Banks attempts to reclaim the ‘B’ word which is often flinged at non-confirmist and rebellious women. The beat is super-catchy with a vibe to it and the lyrics are A grade. Definitely check it out.

9. Nina Nesbitt – When You Lose Someone

“When You Lose Someone” is a pop song about death and grief with lyrics that are matter-of-fact. The track sounds like the kind of music people who don’t listen to music ardently will enjoy on their phones. Alternatively, “WYLS” feels like a Billboard hit from 2010, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

10.Giraffage, Bodysync, Ryan Hemsworth – Body (feat. Tinashe)

Get ready for spring with this dance remix featuring the ever-radiant voice of Tinashe. “Body” has a production that is sexy, infectious and confident all thanks to Bodysync and Hemsworth.

Check out the “New Songs Sunday” playlist on Spotify:

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