1. M.I.A. – Babylon

The legendary rapper is back with a single which is available on the OHMNI site. With “Babylon”, Matangi Arulpragasam is at her eclectic, chaotic best.

2. Sevdaliza – The Great Hope Design

The Iranian-Dutch artist gives us a usual, expected Sevda sound with an industrial sort of beat and a slow tempo.

3. Avril Lavigne – Bite Me

The Canadian pop-punk star comes back with a bang with the Travis Barker-produced “Bite Me”. Diehard fans of Avril and those with a love for 2000s pop-punk sound will find something to talk about with this new song.

4. Normani – Wild Side remix (feat. KAYTRANADA)

Canadian musician Kaytranada remixes Normani’s summer hit, “Wild Side”. The remix is all over the place with different sounds and beats being sprinkled all over. They don’t really go together and at points, it sounds like two different songs are playing at the same time. This is a sign: we want a new song from the singer-dancer.

5. 100 gecs – Mememe

The pop duo are back with a new loud, brashy heartbreaking song with “Mememe”. And we are not disappointed. This track has potential for memes, TikTok clips and plenty of remixes.

6. Kali Uchis – Another day in America (feat. Ozuna)

This collaboration between Kali Uchis and Ozuna is a sheer pleasure for the ears. Kali sends up a scathing commentary on the corruption, racism and oppressive history of the States with this almost cinematic and sexy song.

7. NIKI – Split

The Indonesian singer gives us a bittersweet Christmas ballad for the loners this festive season. In the start, it may sound like the typical song we have come to expect from NIKI: slow, subdued lullabies. Nothing too ‘out there.’ But the song unexpectedly does the whole ‘stripped-down music’ rather well and will grow on listeners.

8. Lion Babe, OSHUN – It’s Okay (Lakim Remix)

This remix is one of the more impressive remixes to come out this week. Lakim takes what is already a gorgeously relaxing song with beautiful vocals by Jillian Hervey, Thandiwe and Niami Sala, and makes it a funky dance track. It works so well it will make you almost forget the sound of the original version.

9. Korn – Start The Healing

The California-based legendary nu-metal band is back with the electrifyingly angsty song, “Start The Healing”. This headbanger will please metalheads and fans of Korn.

10. Skyline Sun X Norbu – Committed

Producer and musician, Jarrah Dhyan, collaborates with his contemporary Norbu to make a pleasant nu-jazz track. “Committed” is an ode to the love for music and the grind with some terrific wind saxophone samples.

11. Years & Years and Galantis – Sweet Talker

“Sweet Talker” is your usual radio-friendly pop hit that will keep the locals on their feet at the club. But it’s not the best thing ever heard for the long-term loyal fans of Olly Alexan.

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