New Songs Sunday: A quick peek at this week's tracks

1. Megan Thee Stallion – Eat It

Megan Pete has dropped her surprise mixtape ‘Something for Thee Hotties‘, an archival record full of her freestyles plus new tracks. ‘Eat It’ is a classic Megan track with her usual sexual brazenness and an infectious beat + sample.

2. Baby Tate – Pedi

This might be Baby Tate’s most refined and self-assured track till date. Tate raps about her natural body and her pride in not undergoing cosmetic surgery, among other topics. The single has come at a time when, recently, the Atlanta rapper was accused of being ‘unhealthy’ for simply having a naturally protruding belly in an unedited photo.

3. Ama Lou – Trust Nobody

Ama Lou is an introvert. The artist declares this with her new R&B track ‘Trust Nobody’. She first gained attention when her music video for ‘NORTHSIDE‘ went viral in 2019. Despite being endorsed by Taco, A$AP Nast and Summer Walker, the British singer hasn’t quite blown up yet. However, Lou is an artist to watch for the next year.

4. BENEE – Doesn’t Matter

The New Zealander singer returns with the slow-tempoed, chill track ‘Doesn’t Matter’. Listening to the soft instrumentation, you wouldn’t guess that it is about mental illness, paranoia and seeing disturbing visions.

5. Kylie Minogue – Kiss of Life (feat. Jessie Ware)

What’s better than a disco queen releasing a dance track for us? Her being accompanied by a relatively younger queen of disco revival, of course! Kylie Minogue is joined by Jessie Ware to make what is a reliably fun disco-pop song.

6. Alicia Keys – Best Of Me (Originals)

The New York musical maestro gives us a beautifully haunting and slow-building song, ‘Best Of Me’. Two versions of this soulful ballad have been released this week along with the announcement of her upcoming double album, simply titled ‘Keys’.

7. Azealia Banks – Wings of a Butterfly

Azealia Banks has officially released ‘Tarantula‘ and its B-side track ‘Wings of a Butterfly’. In the latter, Banks hilariously raps in a British accent. It’s a loud and intentionally harsh track that gives you the feeling of being at a dizzying rave party but in the best possible way.

8. Yaeji, OHHYUK – 29

Two superbly talented South Korean music producers collaborate on the song ’29’, which initially feels simple but then builds to a strangely hypnotizing and unique melody.

9. Yung Miami – Rap Freaks

Yung Miami, one half of hip-hop duo City Girls, has unveiled her debut solo track, ‘Rap Freaks’. Miami sometimes raps off beat here and some of the lyrics are corny as she rhymes ‘roaches’ with ‘buenas noches’.

10. Shygirl – Cleo

The London artist, fresh off the success of her EP ‘Alias’, essentially gives a love letter to her family and supporters with ‘Cleo’. Shy’s rapping reminds one of Lady Gaga in her ‘Art Pop’ and ‘Chromatica’ eras. So that’s something the Little Monsters can look forward to.

11. grandson – Drop Dead (with Kesha and Travis Barker)

Canadian-American artist grandson joins hands with heavyweights Kesha and Travis Barker for a loud rock song. We get a good ol’ fashioned motivational message of not being “a quitter”. We wish we heard more from Kesha who is a powerhouse here like she always is.

12. Teamarrr – Show Me Love (feat. Meer Colon)

Haitian singer Teamarrr has returned! She collaborates with the upcoming artist Meer Colon to give us the beautiful and sultry “Show Me Love”, a dance track about seduction, excitement and the yearning for intimacy.

13. Swindle – WHAT MORE (feat. Greentea Peng)

Cameron Palmer, better known as Swindle, is a London producer who makes funk, grime and dubstep music. His new album, ‘The New World‘, was released just this week, and a highlight from this record is ‘WHAT MORE’. And who better to feature on this hypnotic piece than the charismatic Greentea Peng and a snazzy trumpet solo?

14. Jessy Lanza – Seven 55 (feat. Loraine James)

The British producer gives us a low-fi track featuring singer Loraine James which can be interpreted in different ways. Is it a seductive, scary or innocent track? Perhaps, all of them!

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