1. Ashnikko – Panic Attacks In Paradise

The American artist gives us an acoustic-led song about feeling insecure and anxious while being expected to have a cheerful disposition all the time. Taking a break from her usually maximalist production, Ashnikko does her well-known guttural ‘metal’ singing in this listenable, stripped back song.

2. Courtney Barnett – Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To

The latest track from Barnett’s upcoming album is joyful, poignant and cathartic with a lush sound and a faster tempo than the singles before. It’s a more upbeat kind of rock ballad which lasts for a brisk 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

3. Dua Lipa – Love Again (Imanbek Remix)

“Love Again”, one of the highlights of the popstar’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ album last year, gets a rebirth with the Imanbek remix. The Kazakh producer strips the song of its disco elements to make it more 21st century-friendly.

4. Jaz Karis – Motions

The RnB songstress is back after a while with a gentle dance track produced by Mike Brainchild. Karis balances her delicacy with seduction and softness in a track that is pleasant to listen to.

5. Kali Uchis – fue mejor (feat. SZA)

“fue mejor” is spellbinding right from the very start. Beginning with choir singing and the sound of revved up motorbike engines, the song transforms into an Anglo-Spanish slow-tempo seduction dance where Uchis and SZA maintain a delicately equal balance.

6. Soccer Mommy & Kero Kero Bonito – rom com 2021

This track is an update of Soccer Mommy’s “rom com 2004”. The indie rocker makes a great choice in getting the musical trio of Kero Kero Bonito onboard to feature on the soft rock track. Producers Gus and Jamie turn this into a delightful bubblegum pop number. “rom com 2021” is a glittery and colourfully exuberant song from front to back.

7. Little Simz – Venom (Remix) [from Venom: Let There Be Carnage]

Little Simz remixes her classic “Venom” song for the upcoming Venom movie. The London rapper adds some new lyrics to the track, rendering the new version more political with shoutouts to “protests” and “rallying in the streets”. But the seriousness here feels a bit out of place for an action film. The original “Venom” track (just like the

movie) was fun and bombastic, corny even. So the attempt to make the remix more relevant by referencing real world issues feels awkward at times.

8. Remi Wolf – Front Tooth

It’s official. California-based funk-pop artist Remi Wolf is incapable of making a sub-par track. “Front Tooth” is another vibrantly effervescent banger of a tune which successfully sets down the stones for the lead up to the 22 year old’s highly anticipated album ‘Juno’, coming out this autumn.

9. Maya Jane Coles – True Love to the Grave (feat. Claudia Kane)

The British producer serves us a multi-layered dance song. Under the coldly glossy layers of sleek style is a wounded heart that burns with passion. Vocalist Claudia Kane offers her mesmerizingly siren-like singing to this heartbreak-electro track. It’s a top choice for dancing at the club while crying.

10. yeule – The Things They Did for Me Out of Love

The elusive Nat Ćmiel offers us a musical piece lasting for a whopping 4 hours and 44 minutes. The duration evokes the angel number of 444 which signifies protection and encouragement. Made solely with a granulizer, the synths merge with high-frequency

meditational sounds to evoke a portal that leads you to the highest dimension. The track progresses gradually with some occasional water sounds and bird noises pouring in at significant time markers like the completion of one hour. “The Things They Did….” is perfect for studying, sleeping and relaxing hours.

11. Mahalia – Roadside (feat. AJ Tracey)

The RnB princess yet again impresses us with her stunning vocals in the latest single “Roadside”. Less can be said for the featuring artist, UK rapper AJ Tracey, who almost mumbles his way through.

12. Precious – Go Girl (feat. Baby Tate)

Nigerian-American singer Precious offers soft feminine pop with “Go Girl”, a lightheartedly empowering number. Also news for Tots: rapper Yung Baby Tate, the featuring artist, is now going by the name of Baby Tate.

13. Queen Millz X SBK – On Sight

Queen Millz, the rapper and songwriter from Leicester, first came to attention with TikTok. The young artist has now joined forces with rapper SBK to make what is a rather arrogantly self-assured track, a diss to her haters and critics who haven’t taken her

seriously until now. Millz is one to watch in the future as a new addition to the fast growing army of young UK rappers.

14. Amber Mark – Foreign Things (Jonasu Remix)

Jonas David Kröper, the German record producer known as Jonasu, beguiles us with his own take on Amber Mark’s euphoric “Foreign Things“. Jonasu speeds things up to conjure a club dance number. Some might even prefer this to the equally capable High Contrast remix.

15. Bloom Twins X Jan Blomqvist – High On Beat (Sofi Tukker remix)

Bloom Twins and Jan Blomqvist make what is a timelessly elegant club tune, while music duo Sofi Tukker only improve upon it. “High On Beat” is classy and nostalgia-infused, capturing the spirit of early 00’s fancy boutiques and fashion scene.

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