The love for music and travelling brought Bahneman Saikia and Tuhin Handique together, and it was their bond that gave the Assamese music industry “Xewali”. The duo goes by the name WhileWeWonder and their song Xewali is their first debut single.

The song was highly appreciated and it became extremely popular within a week of its release. Though their background was different, they believed to have complemented each other perfectly.

“In the coming years, WhileWeWonder won’t be just promoting musicians, but will be promoting artists from every field,” they said.

“We thought of starting with something simple”, Bahneman told EastMojo when asked about their idea behind Xewali. The song speaks about love, but not a romantic one. It’s hope encompassing loss. It’s about suffering but unshaken faith. Xewali is the flower of loss and this song beautifully gives the feeling of loss, like something is missing,” he said.

The song delivers the emotions of loss and longingness in a simple yet beautiful way. The song Xewali is so simple that it is often incomprehensible. Even most of the covers of Xewali by various artists, can’t seem to deliver the simplicity that it carries. The song teleports listeners to a completely different zone each time its melody rings in one’s ear.

Talking about Xewali, Tuhin and Bahneman further said, “Through the song, we want to deliver a simple emotion that people understand and can relate to but in a beautiful way. We want our songs to be beautiful but not necessarily complicated.”

The song Xewali was released during the initial stages of the lockdown, without any promotion. The response and admiration it received from its audience are indeed praiseworthy.

The WhileWeWonder duo doesn’t want to confine themselves to one genre or language. “Xewali, Saaki, Xomoi are three of the songs of our extended playlist named Chasin’ UFOs. After the completion of Chasin’ UFOs we will work on releasing some Hindi songs that we have already written.”

They expressed their concern regarding emerging artists of the state in search of a platform to sustain themselves. “There are so many talented artists in the state ranging from upper to lower Assam. In this era of digitisation, artists can’t sustain themselves just by uploading their work on digital platforms. It’s not possible to work only by putting up songs on Spotify. We need an audience who is open to all genres of songs on various open platforms,” said the duo.

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