1. RIKA, Ankit Tiwari – Love To You 

RIKA is a British artist of Indian and East European origin. Joining hands with Bollywood singer Ankit Tiwari, the singer has released a sweet bilingual and Valentine-friendly (as well as commercial-friendly) pop song. 

2. Walker Hayes – Fancy Like (feat. Kesha) 

Alabamian singer Walker Hayes delivers a fun and flirty country-pop song and is joined by popstar Kesha. Kesha, known for her 2000s-era party megahits like “TiKToK” and “We R Who We Are”, impressively holds her own in this enjoyable tune which you can chill to. This song could finally convert skeptics of the country genre. 

3. GIRLI – Ruthless 

The singer begins the track with acoustic strumming which tricks us to expect a soft acoustic number. But occasionally, the bass and thunder drumming interrupt the sombre song to bring some edge. This brilliant sonic dissonance makes for a thrilling tug-of war between the artist’s sweet and bitter sides. 

4. Lil Nas X – DOLLA SIGN SLIME (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) 

Lil Nas X has released his highly publicized debut album ‘MONTERO’. Megan Thee Stallion’s feature in the track “DOLLA SIGN SLIME” displays Megan’s usual strengths but also the expected defects. Her verse has inventive bars but her flow sounds much like most of her songs, not to mention that it’s too short. This entire track leaves us wanting more from both the artists. 

5. Etta Bond – How Could I Forget You 

The English singer’s new track is a mournful song about that very painful stage in a relationship when you feel utterly helpless against the all-consuming power of love. Thanks to the ambient production by Fred Cox and writing by Etta, the song captures a sense of emptiness and desperation that feels painfully familiar. 

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6. Amber Mark – Foreign Things (High Contrast Remix) 

High Contrast provides drums, synths and a more heavily-felt bass to the track and speeds the whole thing up. This changes the feeling of the entire track… but in a rather great way. What was initially a funk-leaning church-like anthem is now an almost ‘sporty’, ‘fast-paced city life’ song with a UK garage feel. 

7. Joy Crookes – When You Were Mine (Bklava Remix)

Bklava remixes “When You Were Mine” to such an unrecognizable degree that she conjures a whole other, but beautifully entrancing, creature. If the original version was sunshine, the Bklava version is moonlight. The electronic dance beats, synth and xylophonic sounds in the background make this remix a nostalgic throwback to 90s club music with the ending feeling rather haunting. If the percussion wasn’t so loud so as to overpower Crookes’ vocals at the start, it would be just perfect. 

8. Desta French – Bendecida 

Desta French is a singer hailing from London who performs Latin-inspired music while switching effortlessly between English and Spanish. Desta has a husky, if restrained, voice in this track. The strings, though used minimally, are what steal the show for us. 

9. Jean Deaux – STREETS 

The RnB singer goes for a sexy-but-sad atmosphere (à la Doja Cat’s “Streets”) with this spellbinding track. There’s an interesting story in the lyrics too if the listener looks out for it. 

10.Polly Scattergood – Looking For A God 

The British producer has released her EP ‘In The Absence of Light’. “Looking For A God” is even better than her previous single, “Saturn 9”. It’s not as experimental as before but all the better for it. Scattergood is playful, almost mocking, when she claims to look for a god. And the verses sound epic like a war song penned by PJ Harvey. The bass is to live for.

11.Sevyn Streeter – Liquid Courage 

The RnB singer hailing from Florida releases her newest album, ‘Drunken Wordz Sober Thoughtz’. The closing track is “Liquid Courage” which is sad yet empowering, a farewell to a failed relationship but also a greeting to a new phase in life. 

12.Belis – Carolina Girls (feat. TiaCorine) 

The beat of “Carolina Girls” sounds deliciously fruity like icecream sundae or an irresistibly sweet cold drink, much like Doja Cat’s “Juicy”. It’s icy, sparkly, sharp and clearly produced. Belis and TiaCorine have an endearingly fun chemistry in this lighthearted bop. 

13.RAY BLK – MIA (Acoustic) 

It doesn’t sound very acoustic or “stripped back”, it sounds like the whole package. It’s a good little pop track and RAY BLK’s vocals are highly listenable. This singer needs no auto tuning. 

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