Arogya signs German label

The first Dark Synth Rock band from Northeast India: Arogya, have been producing unique darkwave genre music, blending dark synth with modern rock and heavy metal. The band is known for its deep, powerful and genuine music.

The band first started out as an independent avant-garde Nepali Rock band in 2013 and eventually started producing original albums in English to cater to wider audiences across the globe. They developed their own distinct identity, emphasising on Visual aesthetics with a theatrical vibe and dynamic stage presence. Arogya’s first ever gig as a band was at the Sikkim Winter Carnival.

The name of the band ‘Arogya’, in Sanskrit means health or healing, which is what they aim to do with their music: healing and mending the broken. Their songs are inspired by personal experiences of band members and social issues pertaining to reality, spiritual connections, heart break, betrayal, suicide, love and other emotions. With every lyric they pen down, they aim to spread messages of awareness among the masses.

“We thought of doing so many things but the COVID-19 pandemic brought things to a standstill for sometime. We had an India tour planned in the month of April this year, right after the release of our album. One guy from Bangalore was arranging our tour; we were sure that it will happen. We have a lot plans ahead but it all depends on COVID-19 now,” the band’s vocalist Rain Jong told EastMojo. The pandemic may have halted their plans for a while but that has not stopped band members from writing and producing new music for their audiences.

Rain happens to be one of the founding members of Arogya who has always been passionate about music, right from his early years. He loved Taekwondo but had to give up the Martial Art owing to a severe injury, that he once sustained. It was then that the martial artist turned into a full-time musician and then there was no looking back from that point on.

Arogya was formed in Gangtok, Sikkim by the band’s vocalist Rain Jong and drummer Rui X in 2013. A few years later, they were joined by Deadnoxx and Gitartha who play guitar for the band and Bipal, the band’s bassist. They started as a Nepali band and released their album ‘Arogya I’ in 2015. A hit single from the album, ‘Timilai‘ received over 1,70,000 views on YouTube.

The band released their second album ‘Arogya II’ which was also a Nepali one, with another hit single called ‘Mero Maya Ma‘ which has over 2,60,000 views.

After both these albums, the band decided to relocate its base to Guwahati in 2018. It was then that they took the brave step to break out of their comfort zone and make music for international audiences. “I joined the band in 2018 and since then we’ve been writing songs in English. Our first track after that – ‘Dark World‘ was very well received by people from different countries, mostly in the Europe,” the band’s guitarist Gitartha Goswami told EastMojo.

Arogya’s ‘Dark World’ was featured in Rolling Stone’s – 10 Best Indian Singles of 2019. Gitartha credits the track ‘Dark World’ for bringing their band global recognition, because it was this song that caught the attention of the press and brought their music to centre stage. Arogya also signed a contract with the German record label ‘Out of Line Music‘ after the release of this track, and most of their audiences are now from Germany and Russia.

“Genesis was technically our third album, but our first album with ‘Out Of Line Music’. It was released this year in April,” said Gitartha about the band’s third Album. Before releasing this album, they released three singles, one of which was ‘Broken‘, featuring Arghadeep Baruah of Amis fame, and the other two were ‘Dust‘ and ‘Misery’s Lair‘.

The band has also been featured by radio stations in Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand and also parts of Europe. The band has an upcoming European tour scheduled in the month of April next year to promote their album. In the mean time Arogya will continue to ‘heal’ fans with original dark synth music sitting right here in the valley!

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