New Songs Sunday: A look at this week's latest releases
Check out the new music releases this week!

1. Lorde – Mood Ring

The poppiest single so far from the New Zealander’s new album, “Mood Ring” continues to make us feel that her latest album, ‘Solar Power’, is going to be tame but sunny, not terrible, but also not outstanding enough to write home about.

2. NAYANA IZ – Rani 

Nayana Sharma is an independent rapper of Indian origin, who is currently based in the UK. There is an interesting mix of influences in her latest track: an Azealia Banks vibe with an IAMDDB touch in a drug-fuelled trip conducted by Greentea Peng. Honestly, Nayana Iz hasn’t released a single bad song and she continues this impressive streak with “Rani”.

3. Lizzo – Rumors (feat. Cardi B) 

The artist behind the megahits of “Truth Hurts” and “Good As Hell” has returned after more than a year of absence. Lizzo’s “Rumors” snatches your attention from the first two seconds and keeps you hostage for the rest of this bangingly entertaining song. Cardi B also does great here; she’s much better suited in this than she was in last month’s “Wild Side” with Normani.

4. Shaybo – My Sister (feat. Jorja Smith)

The self-proclaimed “Queen of the South” (as in South London) delivers her most emotionally vulnerable song with “My Sister”. There’s a useful message here for girls: focus on yourself and your work, make something of yourself and don’t throw it away for a boy. Jorja Smith does her usual schtick here (and excels) as the broken-hearted young woman who was a little too invested in a relationship, and Shaybo plays the wiser older sister who has been through it all. Check out Shaybo’s debut album, ‘Queen of the South‘, which was released yesterday.

5. Kilo Kish – BLOODY FUTURE

Kilo Kish had her single “AMERICAN GURL” come out some weeks ago to great fervour from this author, and now she returns with an equally great (if not better) song titled “BLOODY FUTURE”. The extravagant song has the same Kilo quirks of her previous single but sonically it’s far different, with its church organ-like music in the background. This goes to show how much sonic territory the young artist is happy to explore and how much more she will be exploring in the future.

6. Alice Longyu Gao – Kanpai

“Kanpai” is many things at once. It’s a mélange of niche sounds: arcade games, Japanese TV commercials, and parody songs done too well. If these sounds are to your appeal, check it out. The eccentricity of Alice Longyu Gao doesn’t fail to shine here.

7. Angel Olsen – Eyes Without a Face

Cinematic, romantic dark dreamy indie-pop, influences of Beach House and Cigarettes After Sex. Nothing new, but she does it well. Check out Angel Olsen’s latest EP, ‘Aisles’, which came out on Friday, August 20.

8. Polly Scattergood – Saturn 9

“Saturn 9” is a weird track. It’s unique, experimental, independent, intriguing, playful and unpredictable. It’s truly like something we don’t usually hear or are used to.

9. Joel Corry X Jax Jones – OUT OUT (feat. Charli XCX, Saweetie)

“OUT OUT” is a mostly generic sounding electro-dance song. The features are interesting with pop singer Charli XCX and American rapper Saweetie. But that is not enough to salvage the track and the sound is very 2017-18.

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