1. Normani – Wild Side (feat. Cardi B)

After a year-long absence, Normani is back with a horny RnB track. Cardi B does well here as a featuring artist but the show really belongs to the former Fifth Harmony singer. The beat is thick.

2. Mahalia – Whenever You’re Ready

The new single by Mahalia has a bittersweet party vibe, perhaps something to cry-twerk to. The hook is catchy but production may occasionally feel messy.

3. Rubi Rose – Twork

‘Twork’ is an irresistibly catchy song that oozes with confidence and arrogance right
from the first five seconds.

4. Marina – Venus Fly Trap (Kito Remix) feat. Tove Lo

Swedish pop star Tove Lo adds spice to the Marina track that initially felt like it was missing something. Kito efficiently remixes the empowering track with blazing electric
guitars, and makes it a dance track.

5. Br3nya – Beatbox Freestyle (B Style Series)

UK rapper Br3nya has been on a roll with her recent coaster of B Style videos on
YouTube. This latest freestyle has the signature Br3nya flow and accent, with attitude
and all.

6. Mabel – Take It Home

The English singer is back with a power-pop track which is familiar territory in pop
music, with its simple lyrics and familiar beats. The artist will have to explore newer
sounds if she wants to be taken more seriously.

7. Amber Mark – Competition (Snakehips Remix)

DJ Snakehips near-completely recycles the beautiful pop-RnB track called ‘Competition‘ and turns it into an unrecognizable new dance track. The original song is miles more iconic than this largely forgettable remix.

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