The Little Black Dress team is rocking the streets of Mumbai with great enthusiasm giving the feeling of ‘Amchi Mumbai’ in their new original ‘The Mumbai Anthem’.

Composed by Guwahati-based musician Swapnil Gogoi, the band manager of ‘The little black dress’ from Mumbai, spoke to VibesMojo about their experience. The Mumbai Anthem, a commercial punk rock song with lyrics in Hindi, reflects on the journey from a student to a professional musician.

Speaking to VibesMojo, Swapnil Gogoi shared his experience with us; he said, “This song is based on my journey from leaving my hometown to landing up in the city of dreams. After I graduated from Gauhati University, I decided to follow my passion for making music. So, I left Guwahati. I still remember during my flight to Mumbai, I carried a diary with me to write new songs and make sketches.”

“You see, when a plane takes off, it moves at a very high speed. It feels like your heart pops out into your mouth, and finally, when it reaches its desired altitude, you feel calm and relaxed. Life is also similar to it, isn’t it? That’s what I thought of life at that point. A little madness, a little rush is important in life to have a smoother life ahead,” he added.

“With this thought, I moved ahead and composed this song back to my rented room in Mumbai and worked on it dedicatedly”, he said. Someone rightly said that a right and positive perception in life is necessary to make life smoother, and that’s what Swapnil did.

The Mumbai Anthem talks about the journey, excitement, anxiousness, and madness of a musician leaving their comfort zone and trying out to dream big in the city of dreams. In the music video, you can see the various cultural significance of the city, Mumbai right from the Gateway of India to streetside Vadapao.

Speaking about his professional working experience with the renowned music producer in Bollywood, Sandesh Shandilya, Swapnil said, “Sandesh sir is one of the greatest soul I have ever worked with till now. He is humble to the core, and it’s not always about music with him. It’s more about the code of discipline. He taught me all aspects of music and more, he taught a professional musician’s mindset and succeeding in that field. He helped us create original songs, and one of them is called ‘The Mumbai Anthem’. Other projects, where I was a part with Sandesh sir, are like ‘In pursuit of light’ which is an award-winning documentary and ‘Shikara’, the Bollywood film and many demo recordings and production, etc. So I was quite fortunate to work with him.”


‘The Mumbai Anthem’ recently got featured in one of the biggest music and lifestyle magazine in the world ‘Rolling Stone‘ April Edition. Soon, it would be featured on Radio City as confirmed on Radio Plays and also social media features.

Currently, the band is working on the First Studio album which is set to release by end of September 2021 named ‘Raastein’.

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