It feels amazing when society is positively influenced by your work and nothing is better that utilising your passion for society’s betterment. And that’s what Lady Midday’s latest music video does.

In the latest music video ‘Away from us’, released on April 11, the Guwahati-based band comes forward with a social message to stop poaching one-horned Rhino which is on the verge of extinction.

The 4.40-minute music video has so far garnered over 3,000 views on YouTube.

Speaking with VibesMojo, one of the artists, Riaz Ahmed said, “While composing, the song was initially on a different mood but the entire concept was more of introspect. We all know that every year during the floods, the state loses several rhinos, plus rhino poaching was quite common during the early 20th century so much that only a few are left now. So, we thought of creating a music video dedicated specially to the rhinos,” he said.

“You can see in the video that the rhino was quite happy-go-lucky in nature, enjoying his life, chilling with people like normal person does but imagine if a stranger encroached into your life and plays with it for their own benefit, how would you feel? The same goes for the speechless and harmless animals. We wanted to portray that in the video and aimed to develop a sense of empathy among the viewers,” he added.

Ahmed said the shooting was not that easy because the artist who was playing the role of the rhino had to travel different places, do different activities with that huge mask. “But it was worth it,” he added.

The music video ‘Away from us’ is directed by Pallab Barman with assistant director Pallab Talukdar. Sudem Swargiary is starring in the video.

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