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Vocal for Local? Missing home? Whatever the reason, or even if there is no reason. Assamese music has grown by leaps and bounds, and thanks to social media, we are closer to artists than ever with the help Assamese Spotify playlist people can now listen to their favourite songs sitting at their cozy place.

The music of Assam consists various genres of folk and modern music, drawing its artistic basis from the history of Assam, from Assamese culture and its ancient traditions. In recent times, starting from the late eighties, popular artistes have modernized the music catering to local popular demand.

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A basic characteristic of the indigenous ethnic music of Assam is its descending scale similar to East Asian music which distinguishes it from the Mode-based or folk music (Raaga-based) forms from the rest of India.

The tunes are structured in a pyramid and are in always in pentatonic scale similar to other traditional music of Asia like China, Mongolia etc and dissimilar from the seven-scaled Indian music, (in contrast to the music of rest of India which is Meend based),[4] such as the Bihu songs, (common in South-East Asia and East Asia) besides languorous music of other forms.

With the weekend almost upon us, sit back, openAssamese Spotify playlist and let New Assam take you to new musical heights. Best paired with Chai. Assamese, not Darjeeling

Below here are some of the popular songs on Assamese Spotify playlist:

  1. Alakananda by Shankuraj Konwar.
  2. Majuli by Nilotpal Bora.
  3. Nakhyatra by Shankuraj Konwar.
  4. Xarothi by Abhi Saikia.
  5. Udaaxi Mon by Rajnish Saikia, Koushik Sarma.
  6. Meghranjani by Abhi Saikia.
  7. Jolopropat by Kangkan Rabha, Shankuraj Konwar, Abhi Saikia
  8. Xuronjona by Tonmoy Krypton, Sannidhya Bhuyan.
  9. Soku Juri by Firesense, Nikhil Jyoti Sarma.
  10. Sonsol by Sharat Gogoi.

Assam is a state in northeast-India with its distinct culture and language. This is a collection of some of the best Assamese songs on Assamese Spotify playlist

  1. Protidine by Papon.
  2. Gaane ki ane by Zubeen.
  3. Rumaal by Zubeen Garg.

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