Pranab Priyankush Baruah is becoming a popular household name among music lovers in Assam, and all over India. With certified hits like Kun Tumi, Madhulogon, and Xex already in his arsenal, Pranab has proven he has what it takes and more to make it in the competitive music world.

For Pranab Priyankush , there was always a passion for music, since his childhood. Born in Jorhat, Assam, he was exposed to music at a young age. With most members of his family neck-deep into music in one way or the other, it didn’t take much time for him to take a liking to the art. Although there were no career goals in music as such, it eventually became obvious that music runs in his veins when he would hum along to the songs played on the radio and pretend to be a pop star, holding an imaginary mic in front of the dressing mirror. Pranab Priyankush soon realised his strong affinity for music, and decided to do it professionally around 2012, under the guidance of his guru Sibani Baruah Phukan. Since then, it’s been a consistent journey to the top. Academically, Pranab did his schooling from Jorhat; he dropped out of CKB Commerce College in graduation third year. However, few years later went on to earn his degree in Bachelors of Arts through distance learning.

Currently in the midst of the pandemic, Pranab Priyankush has kept himself busy with music, working hard to ensure he delivers quality music to his fans irrespective of the lockdown and restrictions. He tells us about some ways he has managed to stay above the quarantine. “I wrote and composed songs for my debut album ‘১+১’ (One Plus One). My third song Juji Jau will be out soon. I also worked on several collaborative projects; recently did the lyrics and composition for widely-loved Assamese singer Neel Akash’s song Uronia.”

One popular hit that put Pranab Priyankush on the map is Madhulogon, which he admits is a record very dear to him. Pranab reveals a few details on how the record was made, “I was in Mumbai while composing this song, around 4.30 am — staring at the massive sky with clouds rolling by, way past the trees and deep into the stars. The solace, beauty and serenity inspired me to compose this song and I did it in one go. This project is special because I wrote, composed, and conceptualised the video on my own. The idea behind the composition, lyrics and video came from my desire to do something different but in a way that would connect to the audience.”

Riding on the wave of his previous hits, Pranab is certainly heading for the top. His most recent release Kun Tumi is winning hearts across the country. Talking about the inspiration behind the number, he says, “Kun Tumi is an imaginary world; an imaginary person. However, I feel that imaginary presence in my real world, too. I also made a painting after the release of the song on the same concept.”

Although the music scene in India is challenging, Pranab’s passion to succeed has been the major driving force, propelling him to stake his claim on the scene. On his journey so far in the music scene, Pranab says, “It has been a roller coaster ride. Every step of the way, be it professional or personal, has been a huge lesson for me. Even if it’s an absolute mess, that mess is making me learn something and helping me become more organised. Living in Mumbai is altogether a differentexperience. The city has taught me to dream big. I am grateful to my family and well-wishers that they have accepted me as the person I am and that they have always motivated me to do better.”

As for his band Purple Haze, the talented musician reveals working with the band to produce hit songs for his fans is his priority at the moment. He also points out, “Although we are doing a lot of individual projects, we as a band are working on several other things together. We’re gearing up to release our originals by next year.”

Pranab Priyankush mostly produces Indie music, and he highlights a few musicians that influence his type and quality of music. A few of them are “Zubeen Garg, Joi Barua, KK, Ibson Lal Barua”. While internationally, a few of his inspirations include “Steven Wilson, Bryan Adams, Queen, Dream Theatre, and Scorpions”. He also mentions a few people that have stood by him at all times. “My family, well-wishers, audience of course, and then there are several professionals too like Aichengfa Boruah, Deeplina Deka, Pallab Talukdar, Rupam Bhuyan, Ibson Lal Barua, Mallaika, and so on”.

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With the pandemic, the world has been forced to go at a much slower pace, Pranab also revealed he too has had to find alternative activities to engage in until the virus is completely eliminated. “I’m reading a lot of books, listening to a wider variety of musicians, watching movies, cooking for friends and family, doing everything that makes me feel good. I’ve also been pursuing my other passion; acting. I had my acting debut in a music video ‘Anubhab Mur’, and it gave me so much confidence that I decided to act in my music videos too. I also took a sound engineering course from Ibson Lal Barua.”

This rising Indie musician has captured the hearts of music lovers all over India. He constantly delivers relatable and melodious music that his fans have come to love and appreciate. He certainly is on a path to becoming one of the all-time greats, but only time will tell.

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