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The subject of time is often quite difficult to wade through, be it in the form of a poem, short stories, novel, series, or music. However, for the Assam born, Mumbai based artist Klanjan Borah, time found a new meaning in his recent music release. Bringing in the elements of the ever-flowing time with a tinge of the afterlife and the supposed “paradise” thereafter, Klanjan’s song entitled ‘Time’ has found its way to over 6K viewers in just two weeks of its release.

“This is one of those songs that we have worked on for almost a year. Hence it’s quite something,” said Klanjan adding, “It’s an experimentation of a very different soundscape from what people normally do. That makes it quite special.”

Recounting the songwriting process Klanjan Borah said that it was the most random process ever. “I kind of had the guitar melody in place and I hit the studio. That’s when I realised I hadn’t thought of the lyrics much yet and then I ended up writing stuff on the way to the studio, and that’s how this one came up,” he said. 

“Time” was partially recorded in jam Studio 11 Nagaland, and partially in R&B Studios, Mumbai. Although it was all recorded before the pandemic the post-production was delayed quite a lot due to the pandemic. However, for the artist, it came as a boon for it gave him quite some lone time to reflect on the music. 

“But yes, the production process took quite some time. Got a drummer to play on it, Sanket Pahurkar from Madhya Pradesh. I directed him with the beat by mouth and I’ve never met someone who can interpret a beat so accurately at such a young age. And then I produced the music, got it mixed, and voila!!” 

Thereafter comes the video part for the song. In the already ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed the shoot for the video became cumbersome. “The music video, which played a major role and Screenfarm Productions killed it. Kylie, a very young teen, killed it in her acting debut became the main theme for the video,” Klanjan Borah said.

The 23-year-old singer is a graduate in audio engineering from SAE Institute Mumbai and according to the artiste, it is there that he learned how to make music from a scratch. “Then I started doing multiple jobs to gain more perspective on how the professional stuff is done. I worked in various professional industries and ultimately decided to start making my own music too. So then I started under the name ‘Noob’, because I was just a noob then, lol. And then when I was fully ready, I renamed my YouTube channel to Klanjan, which is my real name, and started putting music out,” he said.

“I remember the first song that I ever seemed to TRULY enjoy and learn by heart was ‘N’Sync – It’s tearing up my heart’. This was when I was about 9 years old (in class 5),” said Klanjan recounting the time when his interest in music first piqued. Apparently, the singer parents had a CD at home which had Channel V’s top 10 hits and N sync was one of them. “Without even getting the lyrics, I was able to learn this song by heart and I’d just joined a brand new school (hostel) back then. I sang this in front of my teachers and stuff, and my music teacher really enjoyed it. I guess that’s how I got into this stuff,” he added.

Klanjan Borah

With the air of music around young Klanjan in the new school, he became versed in the field as a whole. However, the career-kicker for him was when he got transferred to a new school in Guwahati. “I had a bunch of seniors who were already killing it in the music scene. That inspired me and my colleagues to do the same. I had this buddy Rajikant Mangkhom, and another buddy Anandita Kakoti. We formed a small band called LILT (Lame Idiots Like Them) and started writing songs. Then we started doing all kinds of stuff. Our music teacher loved us, and helped us, bunk classes, all the time, and come to his room to practice music,” he added. The 23-year-old said that that’s where their professional journey started. They did a music video which went on to air on VH1 and MTV and also did some gigs and went on to judge some competitions as well.

Klanjan says he is a “big fan” of Damien Rice, One Direction, and Justin Bieber and its influence can be seen in his genre of music he creates. He added, “I think the kind of music I do is an abstract form of folk-pop music. But music these days are free-flowing, not restricted to one genre anymore I guess. For instance, there is a lot of punk rock influence in my latest single if you noticed. Just mellowed down.”

Time album art

“Do you think Assamese music needs a kind of evolution to vibe more with the upcoming generation?” Klanjan replies, “Definitely. My family is a purely rooted Assamese family, and hence I have experienced a lot of Assamese music throughout my life. The first Assamese song my cousin taught me was “luitor parore ami deka lora, moribole bhoi nai“. And now when I think of it, Assam has come out of the dark revolutionary times. Hence the music has changed a lot too. Excited to hear new stuff from today’s generation!”

VibesMojo also asked about his contemporaries and that given a chance who will he love to collaborate with. To this, the 23-year-old singer replied, “There are some really amazing artists from the Northeast that I admire. In fact, there are plenty of artists I look up to, without whom I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing at the moment. I love Pelenuo and Jonathan Yhome. They’re literally amazing. Would be a dream come true to collaborate with them. Also, there’s Kaysee who’s amazing. Would be awesome to collaborate with her too.”

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