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Assamese music sensation Pranjal Prantic has his gaze set on September 30 for the release of his new song, Tumi Boroxa. The star who has, in recent times, teased about the song’s release, promises an amazing experience for as many fans that await his voice on the airwaves. The song, Tumi Boroxa will be released at Roodraksh Mall, in Guwahati.

Born in 1996 in Punjab and raised in Jorhat, Pranjal Prantic can be described as a truly versatile music brand, proudly repping Assam. He ventures into many aspects of music like songwriting, musical compositions, singing, and lyricism.

Versatility is considered to be the most important criteria in defining an all-round musician, but it’s not just his versatility that stands him out. Prantic’s passion for music runs deep like the blood in his veins. It all began when he accompanied his friend, a talented vocalist, to a show and on arrival met another vocalist. Prantic began singing a Hindi song just as the show was about to begin and immediately caught the attention of his friend who mistook his singing for that of the other vocalist.

He then indicated interest in beginning his musical career and exploring its diverse possibilities. To achieve this, he needed a music teacher, and that was when he met Taposh Roy, who would go on to become his godfather.

Everyone desires to make it big in the Indian independent music scene. Prantic shares a simple strategy that has helped him over the course of his career to achieve success. He says to “just think big, that’s it!”. He believes that no matter the obstacles that you currently face or your current predicament, just think big!

Many opportunities were available to Prantic if he hadn’t chosen music. For example, His father, Pulin Bordoloi, was an army officer – a Kargil warrior – and so he always had the option of becoming an army officer, until he fell in love with music.

Pranjal Prantic’s music can be described as one that is produced out of love and respect for the craft. His style of music is mostly electronic, and as a result of his ever joyful countenance, Prantic has found a way to provide joy to anyone suffering from depression just by listening to his music. His natural joyful charisma is one of many things his friends love about him, and he has now channelled it into his music.

He is also very optimistic about the future of Assamese music. He is a firm believer in the quality of regional music and its potential to capture the hearts and minds of people outside Assam, in other parts of the country and eventually capture the international audience. As he says, “We can capture the attention of people in other parts of India and now it has begun happening. But some of our artists are making little mistakes. They are making very good content but they don’t focus on the promotion of their content”.

For inspiration,Pranjal Prantic listens to several music icons who have in some way shaped his career and influenced his sound to become what it is today. He chuckles and gives out a wry smile as he recounts names like Lucky Ali, KK, Papon and Zubeen Garg. Beyond people, Pranjal Prantic derives inspiration from nature. To compose any masterpiece, he requires three major things; greenery, a notebook and a pen. Once he gets those, we all know what to expect- magic!

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For Pranjal Prantic, it is hard to forget moments that were pivotal to his career. One of his most memorable and proudest moments was when he was first featured on air and received several calls and acknowledgements from proud members of his friends and family.

On his recent song, Pranjal Prantic says; “We initially called the song Xagor Neela but later changed it to Tumi Boroxa. When I was working as an assistant director with Tiraap Simanta Medhi, I met Deeplina Deka and we became good friends and after some days we decided to make a song. That was when I started the project with my co-musician Nishan Nath.”

“The main thing is that it took one and a half years to complete the project just because I was working on multiple projects with different genres and this is not completely an EDM song, it’s along the lines of Western Classical. However we used flute and many other traditional instruments,” he adds.

The vocals on this song are a combination of popular female singer Deeplina Deka and Prantic. Their perfect blend of voices coupled with the expert production work from top music producer, Nishan Nath takes the listener into a whole new experience. The lyrics were written by Danish, with composition and arrangements by Nath and Prantic. Anjan Medhi was responsible for the beautiful sound you’ll hear from the flute, while Pranoy Dutta did the mixing and mastering.

Some of the cast for this project include Pranjal Priyam, Chimi Bhuyan, Upasana Priyam, Saurav Hazarika. Tiraap Simanta Medhi was on hand for the directing and cinematography editing.

Musicians during this nationwide lockdown have had time to explore different new projects. Pranjal Prantic has taken this rare opportunity to work on several of his which he says is a surprise for his fans. He has written and recorded new songs which he plans to release as soon as possible.

Apart from working on new musical projects, Pranjal Prantic has also taken time to learn several practical skills during the lockdown. He picked up acting and has gone on to brush up on his skills by watching himself in a mirror and by practicing on the set of his latest release, Tumi Boroxa. In his spare time, Pranjal Prantic loves to exercise and ensure he remains physically fit. He also loves cooking, and spends some of his time preparing several delicacies.

For this talented musician, the sky is only the pedestal. He is currently cooking up several amazing musical projects to bless his ever loyal fans. All he asks in return is to continually feel the love of his fans which, he says, pushes him to do many more great things with music.

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