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Music is food for the soul, and popular musician Rupam Bhuyan knows just the right spice and flavour to get music lovers asking for more. The place of melodious music in soothing and refreshing our minds cannot be overemphasized. Newly released song Boroxun which translates to rain in English, is a reminder of the essence of good music, with amazing melody and structure, while passing across a valuable message.

Written by talented poet and songwriter Joyjit Deka and composed and performed by Bhuyan Boroxun describes the beauty of the rain and its effect on the human psyche causing a feel good effect. Music lovers would be elated to yet again be blessed by a well crafted and good lyrically structured song from the creative mind of Joyjit Deka, who isn’t shy to express his creativity in the form of lyrics on this song. He is widely known for his works Duhaat Meli and Bogolir Boga Pakhi.

According to Deka, the lyrics of the song project the positive side of rain that people don’t generally realise. “I’ve always loved rains. People relate rains to both sadness and happiness. However, my lyrics echo the positive vibes. The soothing sound of rain drops, the smell of earth after rains, the freshness in the air. I cherish these aspects of rain. I wrote it particularly for Rupam da [brother] as I felt he would do full justice to my lyrics. I admire his work and have long been wanting to do a collaboration. I am glad this worked out,” he says.

Bhuyan composed the song quite melodiously and adorned the track with his resonating voice. Bhuyan highlights the wonderful writing ability of Deka, and its excellent display on this song. He says, “Joyjit writes beautiful poetry. The moment he sent me the lyrics, I fell in love with it instantly. The composition is spontaneous; didn’t take much time. It is not a planned composition.”

Unfortunately, Bhuyan lost his wife recently. That sad incident set the mood for Bhuyan during the composition of this song. He notes, “As life goes on, the thought process also keeps changing. The composition of this song is a reflection of my feelings; I tried to give a tune to my feelings and Joyjit’s words. I started working on it the next day I received the song.”

“I also made a lot of music in this lockdown period. I did music for several brands, producers, social initiatives, and released my solo works. I’ve been mentally disturbed since a while, after the incident. I am not in touch with the outside world as of now. The void won’t be filled ever but music is helping me in the healing process. I am reading a lot of books, as well to keep myself busy,” Bhuyan adds.

Bhuyan is working really hard during this pandemic- and the attendant restrictions- ensuring he remains occupied with several projects. Some of the projects include a ghazal album which Bhuyan reveals two songs are ready to be released, while the songs he’s still working on only require mixing to achieve perfection. There is a national tribute album that will be launched in remembrance of one of the greatest Indian Bollywood lyricist and Urdu poet, Dr Rahat Indori, and Bhuyan is privileged to sing a ghazal for the remembrance album.

Bhuyan also highlights some of his other upcoming projects. “I am currently working on Project Postbox – it is very different from what I’ve done so far; new feel, new compositions. I have also sung for the sci-fi Assamese movie Avataran. On my wife’s birthday next year, I shall release an album in her memory, titled Ubhoti Ahiba Tumi. It will be a collaboration with four students. I plan to do this every year, with new students,” he says with a mild smile.

Pallab Talukdar, who worked on the new release Boroxun as the music arranger has a lot to say. “Working with Rupam Bhuyan has always been special for me. I feel I am very fortunate enough to work with him. Boroxun was planned to be an experimental track and the challenge is twice when the composition is this amazing. Probably for the first time Rupam da is singing a Lo-fi experimental track, and I hope everyone will love our work.”

In these uncertain times with the spread of the corona virus, music is one of the few things with which people can find solace and comfort. This song is a product of creativity and emotions and is guaranteed to provide the comfort listeners require to get through these times. Bhuyan is proving to be a force to reckon with in the Assamese music scene. As he warms our hearts with music and love, we can only hope he finds comfort and strength to forge ahead through this painful phase.

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